Money And Publicity.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Franco posts bail, Danny’s lab results come in, and Britt and Taylor become fast friends.

Money And Publicity. image

Carly and Sonny wait for word about Franco at Sonny’s office. Lazaro arrives and Sonny tells him they have something to discuss. Later, they shake hands. Carly had forgotten how good Sonny was at this. He gives her one last chance to call it off. She doesn’t want to.

Franco meets Diane in the courtroom. She is doubtful the judge will grant bail. Diane considers him a monster who has brought nothing but pain on people she loves, including Jason. He asks why she took his case and she gives him two – money and publicity. Court is called to session and the DA – Lazaro - arrives a bit late. The judge goes over the lengthy charges and Franco pleads not guilty. Lazaro has no problem with that and the judge sets bail at $100,000. Franco thinks it was too easy.

Felix and Sabrina wake up on their sofa bed, squeezed out by invading houseguests. Britt rolls in on her wheelchair, ringing her bell, followed quickly by Felix’s sister. They are both ready for breakfast and Taylor asks Felix for money to buy a prom dress. Felix and Sabrina warn her away from TJ but Britt encourages her wholeheartedly. Tay wheels new bestie Britt off and Sabrina ask Felix why he is doing her bidding. He plays it off but when he gives Tay lots of money to buy her dress Sabrina is sure he is being blackmailed.

Patrick leaves Sabrina a voicemail from the hospital, excited about their date tonight. Silas introduces himself and asks about Danny. Patrick gives him a hard time about Stephen, but Silas refuses to atone for his brother’s sins. Patrick realizes he is the one who told Sam that Danny had cancer and threatens to throw him out. In the lab, Brad tells Sam when she calls that the results will be ready when they are ready. Ellie chastises him about his insensitive bedside manner but he just leaves for lunch.

Molly, Alexis and Spin arrive for Danny’s birthday party at the penthouse. They are in full celebration mode but Sam is more subdued. Spin encourages Danny to make a wish, but Sam makes it instead. When they ask her what the wish was she runs off crying. Molly wonders what could be wrong and Spin lets it slip that Franco is back. Alexis checks on Sam while Spin leaves. Rafe wonders who Franco is and Molly tells him he was a groundbreaking artist and through her research she found there is no proof he was a serial killer, just that murders were committed to copy his art. Rafe asks what happened with TJ and she reveals he is going to prom with someone else. It’s her own fault for trying to teach TJ a lesson. Upstairs, Sam tells Alexis that Dr. Clay saw a rash on Danny. He thinks Danny has cancer. She is waiting on blood work and Alexis insists they leave together to find out.

Outside Kelly’s, Spin calls Ellie to see if she can meet him but she is swamped at the lab. She still can’t find out why Brad got the promotion anyway. Spin spots something inside that may answer that question and promises Ellie he will call her back. He sits with Brad and asks how much of his soul he sold to get the promotion. Brad insists he got it on his own merit. Maybe’s Ellie’s accident counted against her? Spin spills a drink on Brad and looks at his phone when he leaves to clean up. Spin answers when Britt calls. She tells him she needs him – Sabrina and Felix are watching her like hawks. She got him the promotion, now he needs to help her.

At Kelly’s, Shawn tells TJ he is sorry to hear about Molly going to prom with Rafe. TJ shares that Molly came to him to tell him she wanted to go with him, but he already found someone else, Felix’s sister. Shawn warns him that if he takes Taylor to prom it could be the end of him and Molly for good. Later, Taylor arrives excited about prom and TJ doesn’t break it off.

Back at the lab Patrick gets the results from Ellie. When Sam and Alexis arrive he asks to speak with them privately. Later, Ellie finds Britt’s chart in Brad’s drawer.

Shawn joins Sonny and Carly at his office. He will let them know when it is done.

Silas enters the courtroom as Franco leaves and asks Diane when he can take Rafe back to Manhattan. Outside, Shawn pulls a gun on Franco.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny hopes Shawn is careful.

Olivia and Kate come upon Franco.

Kiki wants to see what Michael is looking at.

Ava joins Luke.

Patrick tells Sam there is something wrong with Danny.

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- Hollie Deese

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