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Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Sam takes Danny to the hospital, Molly wants to go to the prom with TJ, and Felix's sister arrives.

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At the courthouse, Sam finds Silas checking on Danny. Silas thinks something's wrong. They get confrontational while Silas conveys that Danny's sick. Sam thinks Silas' trying to scare her.

Rafe and Molly arrive at Sam's. Rafe believes the judge is going to send him to live with Silas. Molly thinks there's a chance the judge could decide in Sam's favor since Alexis is a great lawyer. He becomes agreeable and hopes to not leave her hanging on prom night. Rafe suggests activities for after prom but Molly shoots them down. He wonders if it's because he may be gone or because she wants to go with TJ. She wants to go as friends but he reminds her that he was invited for spite. Rafe wants her to go with TJ if she'd prefer. Silas arrives to check on Danny. He hopes Sam took his advice when he finds she's not there. Molly gets nosey which increases Silas' rudeness. Silas wants Rafe to understand he'll probably be going home with him. Alone Rafe tells Molly it might be his last night in Port Charles and her last chance to patch things up with TJ. Alone, Rafe rips up the prom tickets.

At Kelly's, Felix has lunch with his sister, disappointed he's stuck with her for the summer. She wonders where all the hot guys are and checks out TJ at the counter. TJ's thinking about his last encounter with Molly and Rafe. When Felix brings the bill, he inquires if Molly took TJ back. Molly hasn't. Felix's sister thinks Felix's being rude. He begrudgingly introduces TJ to his sister Taylor and leaves. Taylor orders more food and TJ opens up about Rafe and Molly. Taylor waits expectedly after TJ lists all the things he has planned for prom and now he doesn't have a date. Molly finds TJ alone and confesses she wants to go to prom with him. Taylor joins them and says, "Too late." TJ introduces Taylor who's mentioned she's TJ's date.

At the hospital, Patrick checks on how Sabrina's doing with Britt. He's confronted by Maxie when he gets off the phone. She's angry he's living with Britt. Patrick explains Britt's situation. Maxie can't believe that Patrick's letting Sabrina take one for the team. Maxie reminds him how lucky he is. She's happy he found someone good enough. He thinks Robin would be proud of Maxie too for having Dante and Lulu's baby. Sam comes in asking Patrick to check out Danny. Sam comforts Danny thinking he'll be alright as they get ready to leave since tests won't be back till the morning. Silas surprises her and says not to tell him that because he's not okay. He asks what the doctor told her. She admits they didn't tell her anything. Silas says Danny has cancer and walks away. Outside, Olivia meets Dante who is worried about Lulu. Dante shares everything is alright. Lulu joins them and Olivia is pleased Lulu recognizes her. She repeats the ingredients to one of Olivia's recipes to prove it. They hug again. Maxie finds them celebrating and wonders at the good news. Lulu recounts everything she remembers about working with Maxie and the last pair of shoes Maxie borrowed. She starts to describe how she got her memory back at the Haunted Star but stops when she remembers Franco. Maxie confirms Lulu's correct. Dante double-checks that Franco is in custody. They'll all be happy if they never hear his name again.

Britt rings a bell and requests another pillow at Sabrina's apartment. Sabrina jokes to Patrick on the phone that he should send help. He promises to make it up to her and hangs up. The bell ringing continues every few minutes with complaints about the scratchy pillow and bad tasting water. Sabrina knows she can take whatever Britt can dish out. Britt taunts her that she doesn't want to disappoint Patrick. Keys turn in the door and Felix announces himself by saying, "Honey, I'm home." In unison Britt and Felix ask, "What the hell is she doing here?" Felix becomes angry wondering what motivated her to let Britt move in. Sabrina suggests he did and is certain she can get proof Britt's faking. Felix decides he's with her and confesses he's not mad with her for inviting a guest to live with them without permission since he did the same thing. Britt hears another person is moving in. Patrick arrives and tells Britt that Sabrina will be too busy to get her bottled water tomorrow since he's taking her out.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Family arrives at the penthouse for Danny's first party.

Patrick asks Silas what his interest is in Danny.

Damian asks if Brad sold his soul to get the promotion.

Franco asks Diane why she took his case.

Carly and Sonny plan to get rid of Franco.

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