A Bigger Piece Of The Pie.

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Sonny and Carly plot against Franco, Diane attacks Sam in court, and Tracy comforts Monica.

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Sonny and Carly arrive at his office and notify Shawn that there are to be no interruptions. Alone, Carly's adamant that it's time to kill Franco. Sonny wants the cops to handle it. Carly's ready to find someone else to do it but Sonny stops her. She realizes Sonny plans to take Franco out alone but Carly won't be denied the opportunity of letting Franco know he's dead because of her. She asks if they're in this together. He agrees and they plan carefully since Franco is a prisoner. They invite Shawn in and ask if he has a problem doing the job. He doesn't.

Sam, Rafe, Danny, Molly and Alexis meet at the courthouse. Alexis asks Sam privately if it's true that Franco's alive. She's relieved that Sam wasn't raped and the video was just a setup to hurt Jason but doesn't understand why Franco couldn't just stay dead. They enter the courtroom where Silas is waiting. Sam wants Silas to let this go, but he won't. Alexis hopes Silas has a good lawyer. Diane Miller walks in claiming to be the best. Diane and Alexis make their statements and the judge requests a statement from Rafe. He discusses feeling safe and at home in Port Charles with Sam. Diane reminds the court that Silas' looks shouldn't be held against him and then makes the move to prove Sam an unfit mother. The judge overrules Alexis' attempt to defend Sam and allows Diane to produce a history of Sam's crimes. Sam takes the stand and shares how she's changed her life around. Court is adjourned and the judge will render a decision in the morning. Sam confronts Diane for trashing her friend and client. Silas lets Sam know it was his decision. Sam wants Silas to work things out with her. He notices something is wrong with Danny.

Ava and Franco greet each other at lockup. She's surprised he's alive after reading he was shot and burned to death. Franco's very well and not going anywhere. He asks after his daughter and promises to find her as soon as he's out of prison. With all his murders and kidnappings she doesn't think he'll get the chance. He taunts her to deny she didn't know his daughter was an heiress. Franco recounts the story of his and Jason's origins and how the trail to find his daughter would end with her. She lies that anyone approached her. He inquires why she's in Port Charles and threatens he might have a problem with her using their daughter. He reminds her she's forgetting that Lauren (Kiki) is not the only lost Quartermaine. Ava tells him to go to hell and leaves when he tries to make a deal with her to get Lauren's shares. Diane visits Franco but claims she doesn't need the money bad enough to defend him. He just wants to get out.

Kiki/Lauren wakes Morgan up at the apartment. He complains that Michael is probably reporting back everything they're doing to Carly. Kiki wants Morgan to shut up. He tried to figure out what changed between when he went to sleep and when he woke up that caused Kiki to care so much about Michael. Kiki agrees something changed, that she realized after her mother's visit that they're taking advantage of Michael. Morgan reminds her she didn't mention about her mom's talk during their walk. Kiki confesses it was about her father who died a few years earlier and happened to be the black sheep of a rich family that's trying to find her. Morgan thinks it sounds exciting to have new family. She thinks she only has an uncle and great aunt.

AJ hugs Michael at the Quartermaine's. AJ wishes Michael told him what happened in prison. Michael knew it wouldn't be easy to bring it up and didn't want AJ's pity. AJ promises he wouldn't pity him. Michael confesses he also doesn't want AJ blaming Sonny and Carly. AJ can't believe Michael can defend them. Michael places the blame for Claudia's death on himself and wants AJ to do the same so he can move on. They discuss Franco being a Quartermaine.

Monica thinks Luke did something to Tracy when she sees her at the hospital in a wheelchair. Monica doesn't care with all she has on her mind with Franco being alive. Tracy's surprised. Monica's sorry she didn't go to Franco's party because AJ got the news that Michael was raped. She blames herself for not raising Michael. Tracy won't allow her to punish herself and holds Monica as she breaks down in tears wondering how Michael will get through it. Tracy thinks Franco's sick because he has Quartermaine blood running through his veins. She realizes Franco is a Quartermaine.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxi asks Patrick what he's thinking.

Britt wonders how Sabrina will explain something to Patrick.

Felix gets a surprise visitor.

Rafe wants Molly to be honest.

Silas tells Sam she's putting Danny's life at risk.

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