Much To Discuss.

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

The blonde-haired man’s identity is revealed, Kiki learns about her father, and Tracy finds Luke unconscious.

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Right at 8 PM the lights go out at The Haunted Star on Sam, Liz, Spin, Maxie, Michael, Carly, Sonny and AJ. When they come back up Sam recognizes the blonde-haired man – its Franco! Carly thought Jason killed him, and he concedes that Jason was thorough, but not thorough enough. Sonny pulls a gun on him to finish the job. Franco tells him to hold off. He cheated death – maybe Jason did too. Sam begs Sonny to back down and he grants Franco five minutes. Franco has the truth for Sam – and not just about Jason. They have so much to discuss. He takes a moment to comment on Liz’s hotness. Liz yells at him for stealing her baby from the hospital. Franco apologizes for keeping her child from her because the same thing was done to him. Carly pipes up but Franco accuses her of causing all of this for dropping the dime about Lauren to the Quartermaines in the first place. Sam doesn’t care and wants to know about Jason. Franco wants to talk about her honeymoon. Sam is disgusted at him for bringing up the place where he raped her. He casts doubt on that assertion. Considering she was passed out, how would she know? He could tell her the truth, but watching the video will be so much better. On film, Franco places an unconscious Sam on the bed. Then he takes off his shirt and covers the camera up. Sam begins to cry as Carly holds her. The footage continues. Franco gets on top of Sam and tells her he won’t touch her, but Jason will always wonder if he had. Franco didn’t rape Sam and he is so sorry that she thought that he had. Carly doesn’t think that changes what he did to Michael. AJ demands Carly tell him what that is.

Outside, Lulu tells Dante she remembers her wedding to Stavros on the Haunted Star. Helena performed the ceremony and she said "I do." Dante knows she was forced to do it. She remembers more. Before the ceremony she refused to marry Stavros but they threatened to kill her family if she didn’t do as they said. Dante, her father, even Maxie and the baby. Dante promises her she did the right thing and they owe her their lives. She tells him the wedding was just the beginning. Stavros made her act as his wife or her family would be dead. Dante assumes it was just one kiss, but she tells him it wasn’t. Stavros wanted her to consummate the marriage. And to save her family she agreed.

Tracy finds Luke lying unconscious on her floor at the Q estate. She calls 911 and yells for Monica while assuring Luke that help is coming. The paramedics arrive and they see his glass with liquor in it. They ask how much he had to drink but Tracy is worried that isn’t the problem.

At the hospital Tracy gives the doctor a rundown on Luke’s medical history. Luke wakes up, groggy, and admits he had one drink on an empty stomach. The doctor goes to find lab results while Luke stops Tracy from calling Lulu. He promises this is just natural wear and tear and wants to talk about her imminent victory over AJ instead. He bets Ava is having Kiki sign right now. The doctor returns with news about Luke.

Ava tells Kiki at the pier that she has information about who her father really is. He died in a fire, but it was only just recently. Kiki is stunned. Ava reiterates how dangerous and unstable he was so she had to keep him a secret to keep her safe. Kiki wonders what was so bad about him and Ava tells her he was the famous artist Franco. He was charming and talented, but trouble. He killed people. Kiki wonders why she is telling her now and Ava reveals she, like Franco, is from a family in Port Charles called the Quartermaines and she is entitled to an inheritance. She’s rich - stinking rich. She hands over some papers and urges Kiki to sign. Kiki balks when she starts to read about signing over her shares and freaks out on Ava, who tells her if Tracy gets Kiki’s vote, Ava will get a lump sum of money. Kiki throws the contract at Ava and tells her she has lost her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke doesn’t want to be admitted to the hospital.

Nikolas tells Alexis he is concerned about Elizabeth.

AJ can’t believe Michael’s secret is as bad as going to prison.

Dante tells Lulu there is a big difference between kissing someone and sleeping with them.

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- Hollie Deese

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