Not Like You.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Silas wants custody of Rafe, Ellie's a victim of karma, and Nikolas writes Tracy a big check.

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In the lab, Spinelli brings balloons to celebrate Ellie being appointed the new lab manager. Brad arrives and accepts the balloons announcing his promotion. Ellie states she's more qualified and he's incompetent. She storms out as Spinelli pops the balloons and follows. He wonders if she's being penalized for helping with the relish. Ellie scoffs at that believing she's being punished for keeping a secret. Spinelli thinks she's done nothing wrong keeping the secret about the miscarriage since no one got hurt. Ellie cries, confessing someone is getting hurt. Brad calls her back to work. Alone, Brad apologizes for getting promoted. She admits she's upset about lying to Spinelli. Meanwhile, Maxie finds Britt in the exam room in a wheelchair. Britt sends an email announcing the new lab manager and tells Maxie she needs a new doctor. Maxie's upset to learn Britt's moving in with Patrick. Britt wants her to be thankful she's still keeping her secret about Spinelli's baby. Maxie says she's more worried about Ellie than her. She hates how she made Ellie think she'd lose Spinelli if he knew about the baby. She informs Britt she's not like her anymore; doing anything to anyone to get the man she wants. Britt hopes Maxie's new doctor doesn't order any genetic testing or she'll be sunk. Later, Spinelli bumps into Maxie and wonders what she'll do if a new doctor learns her secret. He confesses Ellie told him about the miscarriage and new embryo being implanted. In the locker room, Patrick catches Sabrina disrobing. They kiss. His head's clear after surgery and he regrets planning on letting Britt move in. He comes to the conclusion that Britt cannot move in. Sabrina shares her idea. Britt wheels in ready to clean out her locker and go home with Patrick. They break the news that she's going home with Sabrina. She protests, but Patrick says unless there is another way, this is how it will be. It's all decided and Sabrina promises to take good care of her. Alone, Patrick and Sabrina kiss again.

At the penthouse Alexis explains to Rafe what could happen legally between Silas and him. The blond-haired man arrives outside and overhears Alexis inviting Rafe to lunch. He hides as Alexis leaves with Rafe then breaks into the penthouse. He takes a picture on his phone of Jason from a family photo on the mantel. After staring at it a while he pops the DVD into the TV.

At Kelly's, Silas hands Sam the custody papers to take Rafe off her hands. Sam wonders why he's interested in Rafe now. Silas thinks the PI in her makes her paranoid. She claims it's the mother in her and wants to know what Silas' angle is. He argues that everyone there may think of Rafe as tainted because his father was a madman. Silas admits to thinking of him as family and wants to be his guardian. Alexis and Rafe join them and Sam announces Silas has petitioned to be his guardian. Silas explains to Rafe he may seem like a stranger now, but he'll feel like family soon. Sam follows Rafe out to support him before he leaves for counseling. Alexis tries to advise Silas on what's best for Rafe. Outside, Elizabeth waits for AJ to tell her something. Duke joins them surprised to see Stephen Clay inside. Elizabeth explains who Silas is. Duke's there with news that both relishes were tampered with before "The Chew." Alone, AJ explains he's happy about this news and might not have to tell Elizabeth about Carly. Duke agrees it is a great save for him to get Tracy off his back. Elizabeth returns and asks what Duke means.

Nikolas arrives at the Quartermaine's at Tracy's request. She promises not to hurt him after what happened to him in NY. Nikolas's curious how Tracy got loose. She explains her father intervened. She gets to the business at hand informing Nikolas that AJ slept with Carly. He doesn't believe it. Nikolas writes Tracy a check and accepts her proof. He doesn't want to win Elizabeth this way but Tracy thinks if he really loves Elizabeth he'll go after her with everything he's got. Later, AJ updates Tracy about "The Chew" testing the relishes. He shares he has no reason to tell Elizabeth about Carly since both relishes were poisoned and it will hit the news anyway.

Nikolas finds Elizabeth outside Kelly's and wants to tell her something. Inside Silas tells Alexis he's not leaving without his nephew. Alexis threatens that she's Sam's lawyer as well as her mother and he'll regret trying to take Rafe away.

Sam arrives back at the penthouse. Inside the blond-haired man hears the keys jingling at the door.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly wants to chat with Sonny about their son.

Kiki finds Michael going through her stuff.

Nikolas tells Liz she'll want to hear something.

Lulu meets with Kevin.

Ava asks if she's interrupting AJ and Tracy.

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