I Don't Trust Anyone.

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Michael and Carly deal with Morgan, Lucy starts a new business, and Silas wants to help Sam.

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At the penthouse Rafe overhears Sam tell Alexis about Silas' visit. She fears he'll visit again. Rafe comes down and admits he doesn't want to see Silas again. Alexis agrees to take Rafe for a while.

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy asks AJ if he issued a press release taking blame for the hellish relish scandal. He denies he did. Tracy's eager to call Elizabeth about his night with Carly. AJ stops Tracy and gets them both to wondering who was responsible for sabotaging the relish. Tracy thinks AJ's reaching but he won't let her blackmail him. Later, Ava shows up on the patio and fixes a breakfast plate before announcing she's Ava Jerome, the mother of Lauren Quartermaine. Tracy asks if she's related to the crime family. Ava claims she's an art dealer and is there to find out what Lauren's shares are worth. Tracy won't be extorted. Ava reminds her of AJ's interest. Tracy asks, "How much?" Ava tells her to find a million and bring her checkbook next time they meet.

Lucy directs a tour at the docks exploring the macabre and the malevolent Stephen Clay experience. Silas arrives to hear Lucy's invitation to go behind the music to the monster within. She recounts the tale of Allison Barrington and Rafe coming to Port Charles and Allison's demise. After Lucy mentions the fate of Rafe, the group leaves for lunch.

Elizabeth bumps into Carly at Kelly's and mentions AJ told her everything. Carly misunderstands until Elizabeth asks about Michael and Morgan. She then asks Carly what she thought she meant. Carly apologizes, saying Elizabeth deserves better and rushes off with her donuts. Inside, Kevin meets with Dante who asks for his help. Kevin believes Lulu doesn't want to remember something. Later, AJ meets Elizabeth outside and asks what Carly told her. Elizabeth wonders what Carly didn't say.

Lulu finds the blond-haired man making his guest list on the Haunted Star and asks him about the monitors. He admits they're part of his surprise. Lulu's taken off-guard signing for a delivery when she can't remember how to spell her last name. The blond-haired man's sorry for her amnesia. He comments she is right handed and suggests she sleep on the left side of the bed. She asks how to spell his name and he gets defensive. She reminds him she's throwing his party and is drawing up a contract. He hands her an envelope stuffed with money and claims his name is a surprise for the party too. Later, Dante finds Lulu alone and tells her how to spell her last name. He asks if she remembered something at the wedding. She realizes he talked to a shrink when he suggests she may be repressing memories. He hopes she'll talk to Dr. Collins if she won't talk to him.

The blond-haired man sees Silas at the docks touching the blood-stained concrete. He admits his brother murdered someone there. The blond-haired man advises he cross him off the Christmas list. Silas adds his brother is dead. Alone, the man adds more people to the guest list. He ends with Samantha Morgan and thinks it's time to pay her a visit. He leaves the docks with the CD in his hand.

Lucy brings the tour group into Kelly's. Kevin overhears them wondering why she's not locked up. Lucy introduces Dr. Collins into the story. Kevin asks, "This is your new business?" Lucy screams when Silas comes in. Kevin tries to shake his hand when he introduces himself as Dr. Clay but Lucy wants corroboration. Sam enters with Danny and asks if she'll do. The group thinks Lucy is a fraud but she reminds them Stephen is a murderer and rushes them off to the catacombs on Spoon Island. Meanwhile Silas offers to make things easier for Sam and gives her the papers he filed petitioning for custody of Rafe.

Michael complains he's been awake all night when Morgan and Kiki attempt to sneak out of the bedroom quietly. He tells Kiki to remove the Pickle-Lila shirt she borrowed. She disrobes in front of him and says, "Your turn." The guys chase her off to get dressed. Morgan begs Michael to let Kiki stay. Michael ignores him and tries to start his laptop. Kiki thinks she caught a virus online. Carly knocks on the door and Morgan freaks. Michael lets Carly in against Morgan's wishes and introduces Kiki as the girl Morgan had sex with in his bed. Carly flips and wants assurance Morgan's using condoms. Kiki listens in amused. She gets a call from Ava and is happy her mother convinced her to go to Port Charles. Ava is too. Carly leaves telling Michael she doesn't trust Kiki.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick meets Sabrina in the locker room.

Britt tells Maxie she's moving in with Patrick.

Ellie tells Spin she thinks she's being punished for not telling the truth about the baby.

Tracy tells Nikolas that AJ slept with another woman behind Liz's back.

Sam tells Silas he's not taking Rafe.

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