No More Vendettas.

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Nikolas plans a wedding, Laura welcomes a surprise visitor, and Dante whisks Lulu away.

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At Wyndemere, Nik leaves Liz a message checking up on her health. Laura arrives extending an invitation to her wedding. Nik admits talking to Scott when he was in the hospital and asks if Laura is sure she wants to marry Scott. Laura reminds him Lulu and Scott put what happened behind them and it's unfair to keep Scott waiting after saying goodbye to Luke. Nik inquires what saying goodbye to Luke means. She confesses feelings for him aren't there anymore. Nik gives his blessings as long as Scott can make her happy and opens an invitation to change the venue from the courthouse to Spoon Island. They're disappointed Lucky won't be there but will get what family together they can. Lesley comes in with Spencer and asks for a hug from her daughter. Alone, Lesley's relieved Lulu was found but Laura admits not everything turned out okay. Lesley believes Lulu and Laura will heal and create new memories. Spencer runs in to announce there is going to be a wedding. Lesley is surprised, thinking Nikolas is getting married. She's more surprised when Laura reveals she's marrying Scotty.

At the Floating Rib, Scott interrupts Lucy in her job search. He requires her services to visit the court house to prepare for his wedding this afternoon. Lucy is happy Laura came to her senses but Scott is worried Luke will sabotage it. Lucy reminds him, "Laura chose you." She hugs him as Kevin walks in. He adds pessimism to the conversation about his wedding. Scott tells Lucy to get Mayor Lomax while he goes to ensure this wedding happens.

Dante searches the Haunted Star to see if anyone is on board. Luke asks him not to shoot in a pirate voice. Dante thought Luke was going to sink the boat. Luke couldn't part with it. They discuss Lulu over coffee. Luke comes up with a plan for Dante to distract Lulu with a ploy to file the paperwork to accept the Haunted Star. Scott finds Luke alone and requests he not try to stop his wedding again. Luke shares Laura has his blessing. Scott gloats how happy they'll be unlike Luke who will end up alone.

Scott interrupts Lesley and Laura at Wyndemere as Lesley tells Laura she will marry Scotty over her dead body. Scott wants to know when things went south for them. Lesley screams, "When you killed my husband!" Laura reflects the past was all a misunderstanding while Scott remembers he was only protecting the woman he loved when he killed Lesley's husband.

Lulu wakes up at Milo's screaming, "Let me go." She thinks she was dreaming about Stavros. Milo comforts her. She struggles not knowing if it was a dream or a memory of being bound and dragged around the Haunted Star. She's happy to have a friend, and Milo is happy to be one. He's about to kiss her when there's a knock at the door. Dante enters promising his visit is official business and offers to take Lulu to attend to her boat. She agrees. While she gets ready Dante tells Milo to think about what happens when Lulu remembers and asks him not to take advantage of her.

Dante shows Lulu the damages on the Haunted Star. He starts with a bullet in a wall and shares the story of how it got there while he was trying to save her life. Dante confesses it wasn't his most memorable moment on the boat. She allows him to share what the moment was that he's hinting at. Dante reminds her it was where they first kissed. He tells her how hard it was to get that first kiss and she reminds him of the irony of him trying again. He has no problem being persistent as she wonders at his success rate with his cheesy pickup lines. She asks him, "So, what happened?"

Alone at the Floating Rib, Kevin and Lucy's lips get reacquainted. Lucy wants Kevin's mystery patient to find a geographically appropriate psychiatrist as she digs for more information on who the patient is. Meanwhile, Luke sits down at the bar and salutes a toast to Scott and Laura Baldwin and moving on.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Mac asks Luke if he should be drinking.

Lulu wonders if Dante thinks he can talk her into a kiss.

Tracy calls Elizabeth to tell her something about AJ.

The mystery man insinuates to another that something was done on purpose to ELQ.

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