If Love Were Easy.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Maxie offers to help Lulu remember, Nikolas visits Lulu, and Luke has information Tracy wants.

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At GH, Patrick enters the exam room as Sabrina yells at Britt for faking morning sickness and accuses her of faking her plan to have an abortion. She asks Patrick to consider if it is so far-fetched. Sabrina rushes out. Patrick follows telling her he has to take Britt's health at face value. A lab technician hands Patrick test results. Sabrina's certain they'll learn Britt is lying. They go back in. Patrick gives Britt a serious prognosis that could affect both hers and the baby's health. She snaps at Sabrina how she wishes she was faking. Outside Sabrina feels bad. Patrick tells her it is okay. Meanwhile Britt thanks the technician for helping her out and promises he'll get his promotion. Outside at the nurses' station AJ tells Elizabeth he's booked them at a hotel in NY in separate rooms and talks her into coming. He's ecstatic and can't imagine better news until Spinelli arrives and reports Lauren Frank is in NY.

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy gets off the phone with Nikolas and finds Luke. Luke reminds her he was busy saving his daughter from certain death. Tracy's about to dismiss Luke for giving up on finding Lauren Frank but Luke comes through. He has info that the missing heir is in NY. Tracy's happy and doesn't imagine Spinelli could find her. Luke bursts her bubble with news that the bumbling sock-puppet has the same information. AJ comes home and suggests she get out of the condiment game or perhaps consider calling her relish "Sour Tracy" so the name matches the face. He leaves them alone and Tracy discloses the ambush of "The Chew" to promote Pickle-Eddie. Luke isn't impressed with the partnership with Nikolas. Tracy asks if it has to do with Laura. Luke defends his recent time spent with Laura as a rescue mission. Tracy reminds him before he left on an adventure with Laura he interrupted her wedding and asks if he will stop it a second time.

Laura's leaving the Metro Court with a photo album for Lulu. Scott stops her. He asks if she still wants to marry him and if the delay has to do with Lulu or Luke. He's worried about the time they've had to reminisce. Laura denies she and Luke used the time for anything but to rescue Lulu. Scott lets her go, wishing her well with Lulu. He finds a photo on the floor of Luke and Laura.

Milo finishes a workout at his place and gives Lulu a smoothie for helping. While he's in the shower Nikolas stops by. She tries to place which brother he is but Dante hadn't mentioned him. He explains Laura was once married to his father, the man that kidnapped her. Nikolas asks why she's there. She shares her worry for Dante. He says, "If love were easy, wouldn't be much to have it..." Lulu finishes his sentence, "Or to lose it." He asks if she remembers. She flashes back to when he first said that to her. Lulu's disappointed Nik has to leave. He promises to see her when he comes back. Alone Lulu worries she isn't doing enough and cries. Milo holds her. Dante and Maxie arrive. Maxie compliments Milo's abs while Dante tells him to put clothes on. Maxie and Lulu come face to face. She touches Maxie's belly. The baby kicks and she remembers the sonogram. The memory fades. Maxie invites her to go to the doctors suggesting it might help. Lulu remembers what Nikolas said and leaves with Maxie and Dante. Laura arrives and asks to wait a while. Milo leaves. Laura answers a knock on the door and sees Luke.

At the apartment, Ellie listens to Damian's message. Maxie overhears and asks her what she intends to do. Dante arrives and lets Maxie know how Lulu is doing. He hopes if Lulu sees Maxie pregnant with her baby it will help her remember. Maxie stares at Ellie. Ellie starts to tell Dante something but decides to wish Lulu a quick recovery. Maxie rushes out with Dante before she can say more. Spinelli arrives as they leave and asks Ellie if there is a problem with the baby. Ellie says Maxie had a miscarriage.

Nikolas stops at Elizabeth's for a surprise visit. He compliments her. She tells him that she worked things out with AJ and is going to NY. He says, "I'm not hurt. I'm jealous." He tells her to have fun in NY, he'll see her around. AJ picks her up later to leave for NY.

Nikolas picks up Tracy at the Quartermaine's and relays they are switching hotel. "Hotel Central, here we come."

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu asks Maxie if she worried about getting attached to her baby.

TJ hears Molly say Rafe kissed her.

Sam tells Rafe he may have a crush on someone.

Scott wonders if Laura is still in love with Luke.

Spinelli hears Maxie had a miscarriage.

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