It Never Happened.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Spin finds Franco’s mom, Maxie confesses to Ellie, and AJ brings Carly back to his room.

It Never Happened. image

Milo breaks off the kiss with Lulu in his bedroom and reminds her that she is married to Dante. He is sure she will remember who she is one day and will be glad he stopped this. Dante pounds on the door. Lulu tells him she is fine and tries to close the door quickly, but he stops her. He begs her to come home with him, but she wants to stay with Milo. She feels more comfortable. Dante realizes Lulu spent the night in Milo’s apartment and punches him. Lulu defends Milo and demands Dante apologize. He does and asks her to please go home with him. He promises not to pressure her and will take care of her like Milo did. She is the love of his life and he misses her so much. She tells Dante that she looked up who they were online but she can’t feel what that woman in the picture feels. He agrees to let her stay with Milo, as long as he stays too.

Spin hands over his card to Betsy Frank at her cabin. He is looking for info on her son Franco’s Quatermaine connection. She invites him in, upset about Jason murdering her Bobby. Spin tells her that Franco’s daughter is entitled to Franco’s share of the family fortune. She tells him Franco has no children, but Spin doesn’t bite. Heather confirmed there was a daughter named Lauren that Franco had no access to. She admits it’s true, but they hardly spoke of her. It broke Bobby’s heart that he was not allowed to see her. The mother treats Lauren like a prize and it would serve her right to have Lauren turn on her. Spin thinks the money could help accomplish that and asks again where Lauren is. Betsy gives him an address that is a few years old. She hopes Spin is never kept from knowing his offspring like Bobby was. After Spin leaves, she tells someone they can come out.

At home, Ellie is shocked by news of Maxie’s miscarriage. She admits to Maxie that she hacked into her medical records and knows she miscarried on New Year’s Eve and conspired to keep it a secret with Britt. Ellie guesses that Britt implanted Maxie with one of the two remaining frozen embryos and tries to go to the lab to confirm it but Maxie stops her. She tells Ellie that both embryos are still there. She admits to the miscarriage and Ellie realizes Maxie is pregnant with Spin’s baby. Maxie confirms it, and that Spin is in the dark. Ellie calls Spin to tell him.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Liz he never got over her and never wants to. They kiss but she pushes him away. She tries to remind him how devastated Lucky was when they were together, but he has thought about it all. There are no more obstacles in the way and they can finally be together. Nikolas only gave her up and went away so she could be happy with Lucky, but he never forgot what they had together. He feels empty without her and dreams of her being with him. She can feel their connection too, but she can’t do this to Lucky. He wonders if this is about AJ. She thinks she overreacted with AJ, but he thinks AJ is manipulating her and that she is better without him. She still thinks she owes AJ an explanation. Nikolas isn’t giving up. In the hospital, he came back because he wanted a life with her. She leaves and alone, Nikolas fantasizes about sleeping with Liz.

Carly pours AJ a drink at the Q estate and he smacks it out of her hand – then grabs her and kisses her. It gets hot quickly and they knock over lamps and rip off clothes until they make it to the bed. After, they are totally satisfied but totally disgusted. They are in agreement that they still hate each other and swear each other to secrecy. Monica knocks and Carly hides under the covers while AJ talks to her. Monica is concerned because of all the noise she heard, then grabs AJ’s wrist, worried he is having a panic attack because he is so flushed and sweaty. He finally gets her to realize he isn’t alone and she is ecstatic he and Elizabeth are getting closer. She finally approves of the woman in his bed, so much better than the trash he slept with when he was drinking. Later, Carly wants to leave before Monica brings up milk and cookies and can’t help but delight in what Monica would think if she knew Carly was in the bed. Downstairs, the bell rings and a shocked Monica opens the door to Elizabeth.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie grabs the phone from Ellie.

If Dante stays with Milo, Lulu wants to leave.

Monica tries to refuse Liz entry.

Carly and AJ scramble to hide from Liz.

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- Hollie Deese

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