And Now Here We Are.

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Ellie tries to hide what she's doing, Elizabeth takes Nikolas to Spoon Island, and Carly makes AJ a drink.

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At the apartment, Maxie asks Ellie what she's looking at on the laptop. Ellie denies hiding anything but won't let Maxie see. Maxie thinks she's asking a rhetorical question when she asks if Ellie is snooping through her medical files. Ellie makes up a story that Spinelli was video chatting with her and sharing the progress he made on his Magic Milo act. Maxie goes back to her room with a plate of food. Ellie tries to talk herself out of looking at the files but talks herself right back into her mission. She reads Maxie had a miscarriage and wonders how Maxie is still pregnant.

At Wyndemere Elizabeth thinks Nikolas should stay on the mainland. He wants to get ready for Spencer. She's surprised he's staying in Port Charles. Nik is worried about Lulu. Liz considers staying to make sure he's alright. She listens to her messages and mentions AJ wants to get her back. Nikolas complains about AJ to Liz and leaves the decision in her hands. She thinks it might be good it's over but defends AJ. When she leaves for the kitchen Nikolas answers a call from AJ and gives her the phone.

Carly overhears AJ at the Quartermaine's leaving Elizabeth a message asking for a second chance. She tosses him a bag of ice for his swollen face. They fight about Sonny. Carly accuses him of deliberately fighting with Sonny to punish himself for messing up with Liz. She compliments him for not diving into a bottle. He attacks her for her failed relationships. She claps at recognizing the AJ she used to know. Carly wants to know what his problem is after flopping around at the Metro Court. He confesses he has panic attacks. Carly tries to fix his problems so Michael doesn't have to. AJ refuses to move on just because Carly thinks Liz is moving on with Nik. He calls Elizabeth again and Nik answers. AJ admits seeing she's moved on and tells her to have a good life. After hanging up he goes to the bar. Carly asks what he is doing. She tries to stop him but gives him the bottle back. She pours him a drink. He smashes it out of her hands. Carly dares him to hit her. AJ grabs and kisses her.

At the Metro Court, Connie tells Sonny that Morgan is in danger. Olivia wonders if Johnny is lying to get to Sonny. Connie thinks he's telling the truth. If it's a trap, it's a chance Sonny's willing to take. He leaves Morgan a message. Alone Connie confesses to Olivia that her heart is breaking not being with Sonny.

Dante visits Max at Sonny's and asks where his wife is or who she's with. He tells Dante his brother has a lead but he has to check it out himself first. Meanwhile Sonny comes home and breaks the news that Morgan may be missing. He's going to get Shawn to solve the problem with him.

Lulu gives Milo a massage at his apartment. She's working out to keep her mind off of things. She's afraid to go back and have Dante searching her face for recognition. Milo thinks it will help and bring her memory back. He figures she can't stay there forever. She asks, "Why not?" He's not interested. She won't stop until he confesses he's totally crazy about her. She doesn't understand why she wasn't interested in Milo before. Max visits and recommends Lulu and Milo get dressed before they see Dante. Lulu refuses to see Dante and doesn't want Max to give her up. Max admits he's about to tell. Milo backs Lulu up telling Max he promised to protect her. Max says he can't protect them now.

Max meets Dante back at Sonny's. Dante asks Max if he checked out Milo's lead and knows where Lulu is. Max breaks the news that Milo and Lulu are together.

Back at Milo's Lulu is happy to be where she wants to be. She promises to protect Milo from the consequences. Sitting on the bed together, they kiss.

Elizabeth argues with Nik at Wyndemere for answering the phone. She's not worried since everyone knows they are over. Nikolas decides to tell her that he's never gotten over her. He starts kissing her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie finds out Ellie hacked into her medical records.

Spinelli is told he's barking up the wrong tree.

Lulu kisses Milo again.

Elizabeth kisses Nikolas back.

Carly gets in bed with AJ.

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- Violette DeSantis

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