Making Something Out Of Nothing?

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Maxie confronts Ellie, Johnny tries to reach a few contacts in Port Charles, and Britt takes Patrick up on his offer.

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Anna's confused when room service is announced outside her room. She finds Duke standing there with a white rose and dinner for two. They talk about Dante and Lulu. Duke sympathizes with Dante's situation. Anna appreciated their tango at the Nurses' Ball. She feels it did remove the ghost of Faison from their lives. They reflect on the kiss they exchanged and sit down for dinner which he promises he didn't pay for with counterfeit money. He surprises her with her favorite foods. They remember their past and Duke shares that he's ready for them to rebuild their future if she is. She agrees to let him make her happy. They kiss. He's pleased she doesn't think they're dreaming. She wants them to wait making him worry she's having second thoughts. Anna takes the time to explain if he breaks the law she will have to come after him. He doesn't have a problem with that and they go to the bedroom.

Patrick finds Britt crying at his door. She says she couldn't do it. He asks if that means she decided to keep the baby. Britt tells him she can't go through it alone and wants to take him up on his offer. She apologizes for the short notice and explains there is no one else in her life to ask for support. Patrick agrees to go after he cancels his date with Sabrina. Britt smiles to herself as he starts to make the call. She offers to go alone but he says it's okay.

Carly denies a collect call from Johnny Zacchara as Felix confirms a reservation for Sabrina for a hot date with the man of her dreams. Carly compliments Sabrina while Felix points out his fashion successes with Sabrina's new look. Felix leaves Sabrina in Carly's hands. Sabrina asks Carly for advice. Carly thinks Felix overstated her qualifications. She exclaims she's the last person Sabrina should ask for advice on men. Sabrina doesn't let her off the hook and Carly shares what she learned from her mistakes. Sabrina wants to know what happened in the end. Carly explains she's made enough mistakes in love that now she is getting phone calls from prison. Sabrina is sorry Carly's been so unlucky but compliments her on her confidence. Carly remembers how Jason played a part in that. She tells Sabrina Patrick is a great guy, she had her own fun when she dated him. A worried look crosses Sabrina's face. Carly adds it was a long time ago and leaves to get her champagne. Sabrina receives a call from Patrick cancelling their date. She apologizes to Carly for the cancellation. Carly sits down with the bottle of champagne. She has a glass alone. While conversing with Jason she deletes Johnny's info from her phone.

At Patrick's, Felix tells Britt, "Nice play," before they leave. Sabrina joins Felix to babysit. He hugs her, sorry that her date is ruined.

Patrick waits with Britt at the clinic.

Maxie confronts Ellie at GH threatening to fire her. Ellie pleads that she was only trying to help Maxie. Her pleading turns confrontational and she verbally attacks Maxie sure that she is hiding something. Maxie decides Ellie heard nothing and rudely dismisses her. Ellie receives a call from Spin as she's trying to get into the online hospital records. He asks if there is a problem. She confirms there is and he is just the person who can help. Ellie makes up a few lies convincing a hesitant Spinelli to help her gain access to the hospital mainframe before they hang up. She copies files to a flash drive and leaves.

Connie welcomes "New Maxie" after Maxie didn't show up at work. New Maxie is overwhelmed when Connie receives a phone call from Johnny. He asks to see her about something important. Connie explains things have changed and she's not the old Connie anymore. He doesn't care and wants her to come to Pentonville. Maxie arrives at Crimson and asks the new girl who she is. She introduces herself as the "New Maxie." Maxie confronts Connie who tells Maxie she's fired. Bits of old Kate rattle Maxie as she tries to explain. Connie corrects her a few times when she calls Connie "Kate." Connie decides to give Maxie another chance doubting New Maxie can handle it. On her way out she fires New Maxie in classic Kate fashion. Maxie learns Gwyneth's name and tells her to stick around as a fill-in when the baby comes. She's startled when she feels her baby move.

At Pentonville Johnny tells Connie she's there because someone's life depends on it.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick asks Britt if she's having the abortion because of him.

Emma wonders why Sabrina is not out on a date with her daddy.

TJ thinks he and Molly are finally back on track.

Olivia tells Sonny there is something he can do for her.

Carly tells AJ to leave the Metro Court bar.

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