Until Next Time.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Patrick tries to help Lulu, Connie frightens Milo, and Lulu disappears again.

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Carly finds Michael at Kelly's and asks where Brenda is. Michael says she's left for the airport. Carly's glad Brenda's not there to hurt him. Michael tells Carly what really happened. She gets angry and leaves for the airport. Michael starts to remember what happened between him and Brenda.

Brenda interrupts Sonny at the airport to say she's leaving. He asks, "So sleeping with my son was just a one night stand?" Brenda tells him the truth and wants to make it right between them. She confesses she loves him. She apologizes since he is in a relationship. Sonny tells her there is no Kate. Brenda asks if it's a sign the two of them ended up meeting there. She invites him to move to Rome. He thinks it would be a pretty dream but they need time to heal. She asks, "Why do I always have to lose you?" They say their goodbyes. He kisses her and she leaves. Carly arrives ranting.

Scotty visits Nikolas at GH. He asks why Scott doubts his relationship with Laura after spending so much time with her in Paris. Scott's uncertain since Laura turned to Luke when Lulu went missing. Nikolas doesn't understand Laura's affection for Luke. He advises Scott to stick around; something Luke doesn't know how to do. At the nurses' station Patrick notices a text from Sabrina as Felix invites him to the Floating Rib. Patrick has patients. Felix tells him, "Tick-tock, my girl won't wait forever." He leaves and Patrick receives another message from Britt that the baby won't be a problem after tomorrow. Dante, Lulu, Luke and Laura get off the elevator. Lulu doesn't know who Patrick is. Dante explains the situation. Laura asks Patrick if he can help. Patrick tells Lulu who he is and that he's there to help. He takes her to another room. Lulu's upset when Dante follows. She blows up and Patrick intercedes. Dante leaves mad that he can't calm Lulu. Patrick examines her and she starts to freak out at not being able to remember anything. Dante comes back and overhears. He busts into the room. Patrick tries to stop him but Dante begs Lulu to look into his eyes and try to remember. She says, "I don't know you Dante." Outside Luke tries to make Laura feel better. Scott gets off the elevator and sees them. Laura rushes to Scotty and gives him a kiss. She updates him on Lulu and thanks him for keeping an eye on Nikolas while she was away. Left alone with Luke, Scott demands he stay away from Laura. Luke brushes him off worried more about Lulu. Scott assures Luke, "You will never sleep with Laura again." Luke replies, "Too late, I already did." Scott pauses to look for Laura. Luke thinks better of what he said and tells Scott what really happened. Dante and Patrick join them arguing over what's best for Lulu. In Nik's room Laura confirms Helena is dead and tells him Stavros is dead too. She confesses killing him herself. Nik says, "Don't blame yourself, you didn't have a choice." She corrects him saying she did. He feels bad he didn't do it himself to protect his sister. He asks Laura why she looks so sad. They go to check on Lulu and meet the others. They send Laura to tell Lulu she's staying at GH. Laura returns claiming Lulu's gone.

At the Floating Rib Sabrina catches up with Milo. He thinks she looks happy. She tells him he'll be happy someday too, maybe with someone he knows already. Connie comes in and sits at the bar. Milo goes to get a drink. He's surprised to see who he thinks is Kate. She corrects him. He gets up to leave when she says she's Connie. She stops him and promises to explain. Milo's worried she might be broke again and doesn't want to upset the boss. They share their relationship woes. He explains it all started with Lulu. Milo compliments her on being the new Connie. She thinks someone will show up for him soon and leaves. He takes a drink of beer as Lulu comes in claiming to need a drink. Felix joins Sabrina and grills her on her nonexistent first date with Patrick. Felix thinks it better be a good first date when they finally get to it. They talk about Britt and her pregnancy until Sabrina decides to take charge of her life. She intends to ask Patrick out herself. Sabrina leaves.

Sabrina meets Patrick at the hospital and asks him out on a date.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz and Nik come in close contact.

Felicia finds an engagement ring.

Ellie tells Damian to start worrying about Maxie's baby.

Maxie asks where Lulu is.

Lulu asks Milo how his shower was.

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