Tell Me What You Know.

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Olivia tries to talk sense into Connie, Carly and Sonny argue about Brenda, and Sam makes a decision about Rafe.

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Olivia arrives at Crimson as Connie admires her new nameplate. Olivia knocks her upside the head and asks what she's thinking. Olivia's has different ideas about how Connie should take her life back that don't involve kicking Sonny to the curb. Connie admits she loves Sonny but she won't undermine her recovery. Olivia doesn't understand since Sonny loves both Connie and Kate. She advises Connie not to bounce back and forth so she better be ready to give up Sonny for good. Olivia receives a text from Dante. She apologizes for overstepping her boundaries. They're sorry it is ending this way for her and Sonny and hug. Olivia rushes off. Connie looks at a photo of the two of them.

Carly's surprised Sonny knows about Brenda and she's still alive. Sonny doesn't want to talk about it. He's afraid to hurt Michael by doing something to Brenda. Carly doesn't want Sonny to leave it alone. Sonny asks Carly to tell him what she really knows happened. Carly is certain everything that happened at the Metro Court is about Brenda getting revenge. Sonny hates everything that happened and asks annoyed, "What do you want me to do, shoot her?" Carly's upset he won't do anything. He shares how Connie left him and about the letter he never read from Brenda. Carly's insulted when Sonny compares her to Brenda for their ability to do damage when wronged. She reminds him Michael is their kid and it will be on him if Brenda keeps using him. She decides she's happy that Brenda has guaranteed that Sonny will never touch her again.

AJ hugs Brenda when she shows up at Kelly's. He introduces her to Michael. She apologizes for not saying hi at the Nurses Ball. AJ understands that she was busy throwing food at Carly and sleeping with Michael. He encourages the two of them to do their thing. Michael suggests AJ go visit Liz at the hospital. AJ leaves. Sam announces she's leaving Port Charles. Michael confesses he told Sonny what happened. Brenda wishes he wouldn't have done that. He feels guilty and doesn't think things will be the same with his father. He apologizes for not remembering how incredible their night probably was, but wishes he could change it. Brenda says, "We can change it." Michael is confused when Brenda announces, "I have a confession."

At the courthouse Lucy tells Sam she's the perfect person to take responsibility for Rafe. Sam and Alexis aren't sure. Molly doesn't want him to go back to the home and considers bringing him home. Lucy thinks that's too crazy, especially for TJ. Rafe interrupts that he is okay but Sam decides Lucy's idea is not so bad. Sam believes there is no way she could ever repay Rafe. He doesn't think she has to. Alexis speaks privately with Sam. Sam is sure it is the right thing to do since Jason would do the same thing. She announces to everybody that she's going to do it. Alexis takes care of the formalities. Lucy asks TJ what's going on between him and Molly. She tells him Shawn's advice is smart but understands TJ's reservations over Rafe being close to Molly. Off to the side Molly offers to run away with Rafe if the judge doesn't help him but Rafe won't subject Molly to life on the run. Alexis returns announcing Sam has 90 days to make it work before a court review. Rafe leaves with Sam as Alexis, Molly, Lucy and TJ cheer. Lucy promises banana splits at Kelly's and goes to check on Alexis and the judge. Molly shares her disappointment with TJ over his disingenuous happiness for Rafe.

Sam and Rafe arrive at the penthouse. She welcomes him home and explains Danny's out with Spinelli, his godfather and friend to the family.

Elizabeth finds Nikolas walking around his room at GH. She says she has good news and reminds him that he needs bed rest. Nikolas sits and Liz announces Lulu's coming home. She can't answer any of his questions about his father. Nik sees AJ catch him and Elizabeth sharing an embrace. Liz tells AJ the good news. AJ congratulates them and steps between the two of them. Liz is called away. AJ closes the door announcing that him and Nik need to get a few things straight. He tells Nik he's seeing Elizabeth. Nik doesn't believe AJ is good enough for her. Elizabeth returns and asks, "Everything okay?" AJ says things couldn't be better but Liz realizes something's up between the two men.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny tells Olivia that Brenda slept with Michael.

Connie asks Maxie what she's afraid of.

Ellie wants Spinelli to help her find out Maxie's secret.

Laura tells Luke, "I'm not sure this is a good idea."

Carly plans to run Brenda out of town.

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