I Don't Want This.

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Laura tries to calm a confused Lulu, Nikolas has an unexpected visitor, and Damian Spinelli visits someone in jail.

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Spinelli visits Heather Webber in lock-up asking for help. She wonders why she would do that. He doesn't think it's too much to ask but Heather reminds him delivering a letter was too much to ask his partner Sam. He gives her the update she wants on Luke's life and possible reunion with Tracy. Damian inquires after Franco's daughter figuring she's the only one that could possibly know anything. He asks, "Do you?" He convinces Heather that she can make Tracy less appealing to Luke if Tracy's broke. Heather offers to help if he'll take a letter to Stephen Larrs, but she laughs at her joke. She gets serious asking Spinelli to come closer so she can tell him everything she knows about Lauren Frank.

At GH Felix fusses with Sabrina's hair in the locker room and notes her attitude can only be the result of Britt. He mocks Britt and jokes about her ploy to trap Patrick. He makes her affirm, "Patrick and I are together," and reminds her that Patrick came to her. He thinks there's no time to worry about Britt; it's time to hit the sheets with Dr. Drake. Outside Britt tells Patrick she's decided to have an abortion. He's questions what the deciding factor is after announcing the pregnancy publicly. She says, "You," because he was horrified at the news. Since she grew up without a father she will not put a child through that and believes Patrick is off the hook. He asks, "When are you going to do it?" She tells him not to worry, she'll make the appointment, "Congratulations, you're free." Sabrina sees Patrick when Britt leaves and asks what is wrong. He tells her.

In his room, Nik gets off the phone with Spence when a doctor comes in. She closes all the blinds and asks personal questions about Spencer's name. She claims liking to put her patients' needs first and tells him everything he says is confidential. Her invasive questions make him ask what kind of doctor she is. Epiphany bursts in during another question and tells her, "Step away from the Prince!" Epiphany outs her as a reporter and is corrected by Kelly Curtis that she is a journalist. Nikolas threatens her and she leaves. Epiphany tells him it's time for sponge bath.

Lulu doesn't want to leave with Dante, Luke or Laura. Luke and Laura explain who they are and Dante adds he's her husband. Lulu says, "No you're not, my husband's name is Stavros Cassadine." Lulu calls them liars and calls out to Stavros. Laura explains Stavros is a kidnapper and Dante tells her about their wedding but she doesn't remember. Dante tries to make her see that they love each other. Laura thinks they should take a break and she tries to calm Lulu. Dante asks Luke what if she never remembers any of us. Laura tells Lulu it is okay if she can't remember anything because she's her mother and she does. Luke says they have to leave and upsets Lulu who thinks she's safe there as Stavros' wife. They convince her that the rest of the Cassadine's will want her out of the way. She agrees to leave.

Sonny thinks Brenda is at the door but finds Kate or Connie. He invites her in and asks if she's going to tell him who she is. Before she tells him she asks who he was hoping she was when he opened the door. He only wants her to be healthy and happy. He asks, "Are you Kate or are you Connie." She responds, "Neither," and explains the two are rolled up into one and she has to live with both of them inside her. She's decided to go by her given name Connie and says she has to live without Sonny. He wants all of her. Connie doesn't want to risk a relapse and being with him is a problem. He's angry and wants to talk to the doctors. She cries, "I don't want this, I need this." She kisses him goodbye.

AJ orders a BLT at Kelly's while Tracy is pitching Pickle-Lila to Shawn so he can get in on the ground floor now. AJ reminds her he is CEO of ELQ and Luke is too busy to find the missing Quartermaine heir. She hints Spinelli can help her, but AJ indicates Spinelli is working for him and talking to someone that can help him right now. AJ gives Tracy a choice to crash and burn or step aside. She says, "You win, ELQ is yours." He asks what the catch is and she decides she has better things to do announcing she's started TAQ, "Tracy Angelica Quartermaine" to market her product. AJ rattles Tracy by telling her he owns the name Pickle-Lila.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly asks Tracy why she's there.

Sonny tells Olivia, Connie is not exactly back.

Rafe finds out someone is petitioning to be his guardian.

Spinelli visits Sam to tell her something.

Maxie asks Ellie if she still thinks she's keeping a secret.

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