My Ice Princess.

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Sonny and Olivia wait for news on Dante, Nikolas and Elizabeth discuss Lucky, and Maxie thinks about what could happen to the baby without Dante and Lulu.

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Monica shows AJ her favorite picture from the Nurses' Ball, one of him and Elizabeth. They look happy. Monica wonders if Elizabeth is going to be her new daughter-in-law. AJ thinks there's no need to rush. Monica reminds him Elizabeth is tending to Nikolas and maybe he should be concerned.

Maxie visits Mac at the Floating Rib worried about Dante and Lulu. Mac is sorry Frisco left again but reminds her he is helping the WSB. She's okay since she always has Mac. He's happy for the opportunity to raise three extraordinary girls and tells her it is about to become official. She's confused. Mac announces he's marrying Felicia again. Maxie thinks Georgie and Robin are in heaven doing cartwheels. They sit down and discuss what will happen to the baby if Lulu and Dante don't come back. Mac believes the grandparents would get involved. Maxie doesn't see that happening and wonders why she can't decide what happens. Mac says because she will have no connection to the baby after it's born. She exclaims, "But I do." Mac tells her not to worry, he's certain Dante and Lulu will come home.

At GH Nikolas reminds Alexis where the lab is and she leaves to get word to Anna and the WSB that Stavros Cassadine is alive. Elizabeth is happy everything will soon be alright. Nikolas says it won't be and it's his fault for not going to the proper authorities. He agrees his grandmother loves him and would never hurt him, but others aren't so lucky. They talk about hurting Lucky.

Sonny and Olivia show up at Anna's office. Anna explains nothing is confirmed but one of the bodies thrown overboard matches the height and build of Dante. She gives them a minute alone. Olivia loses it, wondering who these people are, filled with revenge and curses. She thinks Dante came back to say goodbye to her. Sonny won't allow her to give up on Dante, he's survived before. They reminisce about their son.

Outside Alexis catches up with Anna and gives her the history of Stavros resurfacing and his current location. Anna gets an update on new satellite imagery that identifies Helena as being dead and Ethan escaping alive. Alexis doesn’t believe her and won't until she sees Helena's cold lifeless body for herself. Sonny and Olivia come out and Anna shares the good news. They leave and Anna calls Mac to alert him and Maxie that Luke, Laura and Dante have been found.

Alexis rushes back to GH and tells Nikolas everyone has been located and help is on the way. She leaves and Nikolas thanks Elizabeth. AJ sees them embrace from the hall.

On Cassadine Island, Dante bangs on the window and yells Lulu's name. He tries getting the fingerprint activated security lock to work. He drags the body of a guard over and tries his thumb but has no success. He bangs on the locking mechanism with a large tank. In the dining room Stavros tells Luke and Laura that Lulu is safe. Luke asks if Lulu has been frozen. Stavros replies, "It is as I said. I am her prince and she is my ice princess." Stavros talks about Lulu's stubbornness to submit to the life he was planning for her. Due to her hot-bloodedness, he had to cool her down. Laura softly speaks to Stavros pleading that if he ever loved her to take her to Lulu. Alarms go off. Stavros yells, "My ice princess," and runs off. Alarms are blaring as Stavros demands Dante stay away from her. He's in the middle of telling Dante he will regret something when Luke knocks him out. Laura rushes to the door and calls Lulu's name. Luke and Dante drag Stavros to the security panel and scan his thumb. The door opens and they rush inside. Laura is worried about the temperature and Luke covers Lulu with his coat. Stavros comes to. Luke holds him at gunpoint until they can leave the ice chamber. They lock Stavros in the chamber as he yells, "She's my ice princess!" Dante lays her on a table across from Helena. He tells Lulu she is not going to die as they try to warm her. Laura pleads for Lulu to breathe. Dante apologizes for not saving Lulu and holds her. Luke and Laura scream back at Stavros that he killed Lulu. Luke tells Laura not to stop him, but she activates the cryo-chamber herself with Stavros inside.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Scott kisses Bobbie.

Patrick tells Sabrina they need to talk about Britt.

Obrecht tells Britt to stop her whining or she'll give her something to whine about.

Michael is missing.

Sonny has a gun.

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