Third Time's A Charm.

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

AJ is concerned about Michael's drinking, Carly threatens to call Sonny on Brenda, and the truth about Stavros is revealed.

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Michael meets AJ at the Quartermaine's and confirms he had sex with Brenda. AJ asks about Starr. Michael shares Starr called stating they're over. AJ thinks he's free, only Brenda has to worry about Jax. AJ compliments him for sleeping with a gorgeous model. He asks if Michael told Sonny yet. Michael doesn't want to hurt him. AJ seems happy that Carly and Sonny might get what they deserve, he's only sorry he doesn't get to tell Sonny himself. Michael gets what happened off his chest, from them consoling each other to guessing he had sex. AJ asks, "You guess?"

Carly offers to strangle Brenda with Michael's bowtie at the Metro Court. Brenda says she'll return it herself then and Carly protests. Brenda thinks Carly should pay attention to the details, like Michael getting dumped the night before. She gloats that she consoled Michael. A fight ensues and they need to be separated by security. Carly demands to be put down and tells Brenda she crossed a line. She threatens to call Sonny but decides not to torture him with Dante missing.

Olivia and Sonny go to the Falconeri's. Olivia rushes to a disorientated Dante. He says he wasn't able to save her. A voice calls her out of her vision. She apologizes to the cop she's hugging. She tells Sonny she saw Dante and he couldn't save Lulu. Sonny doesn't want her to jump to conclusions. Olivia asks him to distract her. She wants him to tell her about Carly and Brenda. Sonny confides about Brenda visiting him and Carly eavesdropping. Olivia hopes Sonny showed her the door and asks if Kate or Connie has anything to worry about. Sonny says he is committed to Kate and Connie. They decide they will go crazy waiting for news and Sonny takes Olivia away.

At GH Nikolas says his father has Lulu. Elizabeth thinks he's confused. Alexis tells Nikolas he needs rest and when he wakes up things will make sense. Nikolas explains he is making sense, Stavros is alive. He reminds Alexis how he helped Robert Scorpio, angering Helena. He went to Greece to appease his grandmother and found out she was hiding something. He stumbled across his father in a locked room. Helena recounts how she saved Stavros and tells Nikolas someday he will come back healthier and stronger than ever. Nikolas asked him one day what he was doing. Stavros mumbles something about his princess. Nikolas finds out Stavros saw Lulu in Turkey rescuing Luke and thought she was Laura. Nik tried to reason with Stavros and showed him pictures of Laura and Lulu together. Stavros knocked Nik out and disappeared. Helena caught Nikolas calling Lucky and ended up kidnapping Ethan. Nik reminds Alexis that Dante is now a rival of Stavros.

On Cassadine Island Luke and Laura are shocked when Stavros Cassadine enters the room. Stavros says he is back and better than ever as Luke and Laura stare on in disbelief. He's hurt by Laura's disdain and rejection at seeing him and tells the couple, "Reports of all of our deaths have been greatly exaggerated at one point or another." Luke grabs Stavros holding a dinner knife to his neck reminding him, "You've cheated death twice, now the third time's a charm." Laura stops Luke from stabbing him so they can find Lulu. Luke throws the knife down. Laura begs Stavros to tell them where Lulu is. He promises to share every last detail, but first they will dine. They don't eat and Stavros tells him a Cassadine wouldn't poison a guest. He reminds Laura he wouldn't harm her and they are a family. Laura starts offering to stay with him if that's what he wants. Luke tells her not to negotiate anything. Stavros rejects her, saying he's given up their future to hold onto their past. He adds, "Besides, I've met someone else, Lulu my princess." He tells them not to get the wrong idea; he's just been courting Lulu since he sent the Ice Princess. Stavros is pleased with the second gift he sent Lulu, the bear. He admits to shooting Nikolas but thinks Helena fed Dante to the sharks. Luke boasts eliminating Helena from his family's life. Stavros states he is taking care of his mother the same way she took care of him. He is putting her on ice, just like he did to his new ice princess.

In a secret location Dante knocks out one of his capturers and starts to make his way around eliminating others. He gains access to a private room filled with technical equipment. He finds Helena's body under a sheet with a cold icy stare. Dante backs away from her into a door and peers through its icy window. He utters, "Lulu?"

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nikolas tells Elizabeth it is his fault.

Maxie wonders what will happen to the baby without Lulu and Dante.

Anna tells Olivia there's a possibility they have Dante's body.

Stavros thanks modern science for preserving his ice princess.

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