Let's Get This Party Started.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Carly finds an unwanted surprise in Brenda's room, Bobbie tries to calm Scotty from worries of Luke and Laura travelling together, and Luke and Laura receive an invitation.

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At GH Scott leaves Nik's room and sees Bobbie. He complains he can't reach Laura wishing she never ran off with Luke. Bobbie quips, "It's not as if they're shacking up in bed somewhere together." She takes him back to his hotel to rest and wait for word on Laura.

At the Metro Court Carly interrupts a room service delivery. Brenda gets out of bed as Carly sees pants on the floor. She berates Brenda for jumping into bed with Sonny as soon as Jax is gone. Carly pulls the blankets down to find Michael and yells, "Why the hell are you in bed with Brenda?" Brenda swears it's not what it looks like. Carly calls Brenda sick and throws Michael his clothes. He says he's okay telling Carly to leave Brenda alone since it's his fault. He begs Carly to leave so he can talk to Brenda. Carly curses while throwing a glass of water at Brenda and leaves. Michael apologizes for Carly, and for taking advantage of Brenda. Brenda disagrees that he made her do anything she didn't want to. Michael checks his messages and sees he's late for a meeting with AJ. In the lobby Carly orders staff to get Brenda out of her hotel. Scott and Bobbie arrive and Carly confesses she found Michael in bed with Brenda. She realizes once Sonny finds out he'll kill Brenda. She goes to call him but Bobbie grabs the phone. Scott jumps in and strategically addresses Carly so Michael can sneak out of the Metro Court. Carly takes their advice to avoid jeopardizing her relationship with her son. Alone she looks at photos of her kids. Brenda interrupts handing her Michael's tie that was left in her bed.

Mac and Felicia meet Anna in her office. She's anxious that Lulu, Dante, Luke and Laura are unaccounted for. Mac and Felicia offer their help. Anna say's it's in the hands of the WSB. She compliments how well they look together. Mac announces Felicia proposed. She denies and says it's the other way around and she's waiting for a ring. They congratulate Anna for reuniting with Duke. Anna isn't sure but shares they did kiss. She thinks it's not resolved yet.

At the Quartermaine's AJ calls Liz and they remember the great time they had at the ball. He's eager for a second date. Duke visits and AJ compliments him on his tango and asks if he and Anna are back together. Duke doesn't know. AJ encourages him to keep a positive attitude. Duke asks if he's doing the same with Elizabeth. Later, Michael arrives late and confesses he spent the night with Brenda Barrett. AJ spits his beverage out.

Alexis and Elizabeth talk to an unconscious Nik at GH. Liz tells Alexis he left because of her. While she shares her love and hope for him to get better he squeezes her hand. He wakes. Liz explains what happened to him. A doctor wants Liz to keep Nik calm. Alexis updates him on Spencer and Liz asks if he remembers what happened. Nik knows Lulu is in danger. He's told what happened and he explains Helena doesn't care about Lulu. Liz asks, "Who does?" Nik says, "My father."

Luke wakes up remembering the last few moments aboard the Haunted Star. His head hurts. He looks around and finds himself in bed with Laura. He wakes her. She wants to know where they are. He doesn't know. "We're in bed together," she exclaims. She asks why, but he hopes she has the answer. They piece together their fight with Cassadine's men and search for a way out of the room. They find themselves locked in trying to figure out who carried them there and why. Luke thinks it's retribution for killing Helena. Laura can't believe she's dead and Luke can't believe it took him 30 years to kill her. Luke thinks Ethan made it out but he isn't so sure about Dante. Laura realizes her phone is gone and worries about Nikolas. Luke reminds her Alexis said he's fine, "Let's worry about Lulu." Laura looks out the window and remembers the place. Luke asks if they've been there before. Laura answers, "We're on Cassadine Island." Laura realizes it is the room where she gave birth. She's confused why she's been brought there. Luke lists all the Cassadines dead and living trying to make sense and searches the room further. He finds an invitation to dress black tie for a meeting. They dress in clothes sized for them. Luke yells they're ready and the door unlocks and opens for them. They arrive to an empty formal dining room, a door opens and Stavros enters.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

AJ tells Michael that Sonny is going to have to choke on it.

Olivia asks if Sonny is going to get involved in the middle of this war.

Carly threatens Brenda to stay away from Michael.

Nikolas tells Alexis and Liz he is making sense.

Luke takes a knife to Stavros.

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