Say Goodbye.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Carly's mad at Jax, Patrick pines over Sabrina and Luke and Laura face an unknown fate.

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Elizabeth shows up at GH to visit Nikolas. She sees Patrick who confesses Sabrina’s not returning his calls. Liz thinks she’s too busy with the Nurses’ Ball. Patrick’s certain she’s interested in nice-guy Milo. A patient is wandering around in the hall looking for his favorite nurse, the one with the long hair and big glasses. He’s surprised she hasn’t been snatched up. Patrick says she has but he’s not the lucky guy.

At home Carly asks Jax to clarify that he’s marrying Brenda Barrett. She loses it, wanting to know why Jax is wrapped up with Brenda again. Carly explains Brenda’s trying to provoke Sonny. She bets Brenda is down the road at Sonny’s right now. Jax doesn’t agree. Before leaving he asks her to sign the papers and bring them to the Ball.

Brenda catches Sonny off-guard at his place. She tells him he could say congratulations. He does and tells her now she can go ahead and leave. Before she leaves he’s not sure that her announcement is part of her big plan. He reminds her he didn’t get the letter and they still have a connection. She disagrees saying her and Jax can live normal lives now. Sonny ask why she came then. While they are talking Carly lets herself in to eavesdrop. She hears Sonny ask if Brenda wants him to talk her out of marrying Jax. Brenda wonders if their love is not gone. Carly sneaks out. A ladies scarf lies on the floor. Brenda wants to get back before Jax does and leaves.

At the Metro Court Felix arrives with the Nurses’ Ball programs. Lucy calls him away from the distraction of Milo helping Sabrina untangle decorations. Felix shifts his thoughts to the sexy handyman that Lucy is discussing. TJ and Molly struggle to write the opening number. TJ steps away and tells Milo things must be looking up. Milo admits taking TJ’s advice but he did something underhanded. Sabrina overhears Milo say he feels guilty. Meanwhile Anton’s trying to convince Sam to dance before he joins Lucy to review the opening number. Lucy asks Anton if they can use it. He says it will work. TJ pipes the music in for practice. Milo tells Sabrina to join the others. He turns to TJ and worries this is not the way he wants to get Sabrina. TJ asks if Milo plans on confessing. Lucy is missing Epiphany and Elizabeth and ropes Molly and Sam into practicing. Elizabeth arrives and Sam rushes off on Anton but he keeps his eyes on her. Felix asks Anton to show him some moves. Sabrina is ready to show Liz the moves when she asks why she didn’t call Patrick back. Sabrina is confused. In the lobby Jax runs into Michael and tells him the news. Michael guesses Carly isn’t signing the divorce papers but hopes it works out. Jax tells Michael that Brenda is upstairs waiting for him. He doesn’t find her when he gets there.

On the Haunted Star Helena announces Laura will shoot Ethan and holds out the gun. Laura grabs it. Luke says they can now give Helena a burial at sea. Helena responds that only Ethan’s death can save Lulu. Helena asks Laura if Luke would be as noble to not shoot Nikolas to save one of their kids. Laura won’t shoot Ethan, even though he is tired of listening to Helena. Helena offers up Luke instead as one betrayed wife to another. She baits Laura about all Luke has done to Laura over the years. Helena says "Kill him and my curse will be broken." Luke tells her to do it. Laura approaches him. Luke tells her she knows what she has to do. He grabs the gun and shoots Helena’s men. He tells Helena, "Say goodbye old woman," and pulls the trigger. Laura asks if Helena is alive. Luke answers, "Ding dong, the witch is dead." Luke searches the boat and Ethan thanks Laura for not shooting him. Luke comes back with no news of Lulu or Dante. He finds an ear piece on one of Helena’s men with flashing lights. Laura hears ships approaching and thinks Dante is bringing the cavalry. Luke thinks it’s the Cassadine’s and tells Ethan he has to disappear for his safety. Ethan wants to stay but Luke talks him into leaving hoping one of the ships will follow Ethan on another boat. Laura asks if Luke has a plan. He says he does. Luke Takes Laura’s hand and says, "Here we go again."

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brenda tells Jax she hates Carly.

Carly tells Bobbie she has something important to do.

Felicia tells Anna she has to choose.

Kevin tells Lucy he’s not going to the Nurses’ Ball.

Felix tells Sabrina he has a plan.

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