Heart And Soul.

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Tracy and Monica have unexpected guests, Jax returns with disappointing news for Carly, Luke and Laura face off with Helena, and GH celebrates Steve Hardy's 50th Anniversary.

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An intern brings Steve Hardy’s portrait to the nurses’ station. Patrick meets the new interns for a tour. He gives the history of Dr. Hardy and other great doctors at GH. He reminds them that the doctors may be the brains of the hospital, but the nurses are the heart. Near Nikolas’ room Liz is reminded by Audrey of Steve’s 50th anniversary. Liz wishes everyone could be there to dedicate the portrait for the board room. Sara’s in Monterey, her parents are in Asia, and Tom’s in Africa having just graduated medical school. They visit the portrait before leaving with Patrick. Audrey remembers dancing with Steve on their anniversary. She touches a kiss to Steve’s portrait and leaves with Elizabeth.

At the Quartermaine’s Tracy tells Alan she has no room for figments of her imagination. Monica can see Alan too. They compare notes on what they see. Monica tells Alan she is so happy. He tells her she is about to be happier and Emily says, "Hi mom," behind her. Tracy jokes Alan should have brought dad or mom back instead of Monica’s adopted waif. Tracy and Monica start fighting over the house and Pickle-Lila. Tracy berates Monica for her long line of infidelities starting with Rick Webber. His ghost joins them and asks Tracy not to drag him into this. Rick’s there to bury the hatchet with Alan. They decide to let bygones be bygones. Emily tells Tracy and Monica they should do the same. Monica says Tracy can stay. Tracy offers a truce with a handshake. Emily says a hug is worth their trip. Monica and Tracy hug awkwardly. Tracy announces they’re gone and the hug ends. Monica wonders what’s in the relish making them see things.

At home, Carly lets Jax in. Josslyn runs in welcoming him. She gets a tea party set. Carly jokes that he must be there to give her a pizza party set. Jax presents her with divorce papers. He thinks the state mixed something up because they are not officially divorced. Carly needs to sign and file again. They joke at the consistency of how many attempts it took them to get married, and that their divorce follows the same pattern. He compliments at how well she’s doing. They remember always letting Sonny get in the way but agree the good outweighed the bad. Carly thinks signing is another mistake. Jax knows Carly has moved on a few times already and says he can’t be the fallback guy. Carly claims he isn’t. He says they’ll always be connected by Josslyn and asks her to sign the papers because he’s engaged to Brenda.

Sonny’s surprised to see Brenda at his door. She asks to come in and says she’s there for the Ball. She can’t believe it’s a year since Robin died. She remembers how trustworthy a friend she was and that is why she entrusted her with a letter for Sonny. It takes Sonny a while to remember the letter he tore up without reading. She’s emotional and says if he read it, it might have changed everything. She tells Sonny what it said. All he remembers is getting divorce papers. She tells him she’s there for more than the Nurses’ Ball and that she’s engaged to Jax.

Luke and Laura are startled to find Ethan instead of Lulu. Ethan’s confused. He and Laura figure out who the other is. Luke tells Ethan Lulu’s missing and they’re on the Haunted Star. Luke helps Ethan up to leave and meet Dante in the saloon. The door slams shut and locks. Luke and Laura bang on the door. Laura asks if Ethan remembers anything. He recalls being at Lucky’s place in Dublin while Lucky was in Africa doing humanitarian work. Ethan got a message from Nik about the family being in danger. He remembers being taken as a distraction when Helena didn’t find Lucky. He’s sorry he didn’t turn out to be Lulu. They suspect Helena took Lulu when she couldn’t get Lucky. Laura listens to Ethan complain about Helena and realizes he is a lot like Luke and she wouldn’t need an introduction to know that. Luke thinks it’s time to find Dante but Helena busts in with her henchmen. She takes them on deck indicating Dante is no longer a problem. Helena reminds Laura she is ready to finish the job and takes a gun from one of her men. Luke blocks Laura and asks Helena to shoot him. Helena decides she’s not going to shoot anyone and declares, "Laura is."

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam says she is not a dancer.

Patrick tells Liz that Sabrina didn’t call him back.

Carly is surprised Jax is marrying Brenda.

Sonny congratulates Brenda.

Helena tells Laura to kill Luke’s son.

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