I’ve Got Your Back.

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

The Metro Court Ball Room gets a make-over. Luke does something desperate to help Lulu, and Anna and Danta are surprised by what they don't find at the dock.

I’ve Got Your Back. image

Milo visits Patrick at the hospital asking for permission to see Sabrina because she has feelings for Patrick even if he doesn’t feel the same way. Patrick asks, "Who said I don’t feel the same way?" Milo explains his feelings but says if Patrick has dibs he’ll back off.

Lucy, Felix and Sabrina meet Carly at the Metro Court. They tour the newly renovated Ball Room. Felix walks away from the group. Sabrina follows and they agree he is upset about Milo. Felix explains she broke the friendship code and they fight. Michael arrives and shares that Lucy roped him in as entertainment. Carly tells him privately about a moment Robin and Jason had at another Nurses’ Ball. Michael receives a call from Dante but can’t help him. Scotty shows up to see Lucy, upset he can’t support Laura because of Luke. He wants to be busy and asks Lucy if he can help with the Nurses’ Ball. She bops him in the head and tells him to go to the hospital anyway. He agrees and leaves. Carly and Michael touch base with Lucy to discuss Michael’s act. Michael leaves to meet Bobbie at the hospital. Lucy is happy to hear she’s in town. Felix pulls Carly aside about Sabrina stabbing him in the back. Carly won’t let him wallow in self-pity. Sabrina snaps at Lucy who doesn’t have time to nurture. She tells Sabrina to drop Milo to not lose a friendship. Sabrina calls Milo to come to the Metro Court. When he shows Felix steps in before Sabrina lets Milo down to tell him that Sabrina wants Milo to be her date at the Nurses’ Ball. Lucy and Carly exchange a happy glance. Carly leaves Sam a moving message asking her how she and Danny are doing.

Alexis takes Shawn home to recover. TJ, Molly and Sam give him a hero’s welcome. Later Alexis updates the girls on Nikolas and Lulu and apologizes for not working on Rafe’s case. Sam worries about their safety. Alexis thinks they’re safe but doesn’t understand why Helena would attack Nikolas. Molly leaves to check on Danny. Alexis asks if Sam is recovered from the Steven Clay incident. Sam tells her Caleb was not evil, he just wanted his wife back. In another room TJ tells Shawn what he means to him. Sam grabs TJ and Molly to get pizza but they drag her to the Metro Court to help Lucy. Alone, Alexis tells Shawn her place right now is with him.

Anna shows up at the Falconeri’s to tell Dante the sniper has been identified as someone having ties to Helena. Anna gives him a pep talk and asks him to meet her at the Haunted Star before she leaves. When he arrives she tells him the Haunted Star is gone. Dante calls Michael to inquire if there is any reason it would have been moved. Anna gets info that Quint saw the Star leave the harbor last night. Dante thinks it is in international waters by now.

Bobbie waits with Laura at the hospital telling her Scotty would love to be there too. Monitors are beeping in Nikolas’ room. They walk in to find Luke with a syringe. Laura slaps him when he says he has to wake Nikolas up. Bobbie confirms the adrenaline hadn’t made it from the IV to Nikolas. Laura gets physical with Luke refusing to trade the life of one of her children for another. Scott arrives after Luke rushes out on Laura. She tells him what happened and asks him not to leave. A second later she decides to follow Luke and find Lulu. She leaves Scott at Nick’s side. Outside Bobbie comforts Luke confident that they will find Lulu. Dante and Anna show up. Dante says, "I think we know where Lulu is." Anna debriefs them. While waiting for the ship’s coordinates from Frisco they get the proper paperwork before heading off to the Haunted Star. Back at the docks Dante leaves for equipment and Anna tells Luke Dante will meet him later and they’ll have agents for backup. Laura runs up saying she’s coming. They take off in a helicopter.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ellie threatens to incinerate someone in the lab.

AJ asks Spinelli if he can count on him.

Rafe shows up at the Davis’ house.

Elizabeth asks if Patrick feels something more.

Unexpected guests show up to help set up at the Metro Court.

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- Violette DeSantis

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