I'm Too Late.

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Dante tries to get Olivia to try to see who took Lulu, Sabrina and Felix graduate as nurses, and someone is shot.

I'm Too Late. image

Patrick watches a video Robin left at home. She talks about moving on if something happens to her. Patrick reflects on his encounters with Sabrina and her relationship with Emma.

At the Falconeri’s Laura tells Luke they have to track down the Cassadines to find Lulu. A detective lets Nikolas in. He hugs Laura, surprised to see her. Luke fills him in on the kidnapping. Nikolas says, "I’m too late." Luke asks what he means. Nikolas apologizes that if he got there sooner he could have taken care of it. A shot rings out and Nikolas is hit. Luke sees movement on the street below. The detectives on site call in a description and location of the shooter.

Sabrina is happy Emma is at the hospital with Liz for her graduation. Felix apologizes to Sabrina for pushing her towards Patrick. Sabrina knows Patrick is putting distance between them. Felix says he’s been stood up too, but Sabrina sees Milo nearby. Felix gets nervous; he didn’t expect him to show. Milo asks if they are excited. They discuss education and Milo says he’d love to get his GED and go to massage school. Felix is for it. Epiphany calls for the nurses. As diplomas are passed out Epiphany tells Felix, "You and me are going to have fun." When Sabrina receives her diploma Patrick yells, "Way to go Sabrina." Epiphany welcomes the Class of 2013. Sabrina tells Patrick she is happy he came. She puts on her mother’s stethoscope. Patrick tells her he wants to talk. In the corner Milo tells Felix he is inspired and congratulates him. Felix invites him to the Floating Rib to celebrate. Milo asks if Sabrina will be there and if Felix could put in a good word for him. Felix realizes Milo is interested in Sabrina. Milo’s concerned she might be taken and Felix assures him she is available.

[Show began in progress following local weather update 2:02 PM] At the PCPD Anna leaves a message for someone to call her, it’s urgent and lives depend on it. Dante makes his own call to get information on Lulu. Olivia shows up. He requests her help by using her visions. Anna sees him losing it and asks him to take a break. He’s worried about how long Lulu’s been missing. As he apologizes to Olivia, Anna tells him shots were fired at his apartment. They arrive at the scene and the detective tells them the family was evacuated and Nikolas was shot. Anna wants info from Dante about Nikolas. Dante shares what he knows about the Spencers and the Cassadines. They’re told the suspect was spotted in the park and run out. In the park they corner the shooter who is Shawn Butler.

In the park Britt suspects her mother is in Port Charles for reasons other than visiting her. Obrecht says she wanted to visit and that other unrelated business is being taken care of. She asks where Britt’s engagement ring is and accuses her of letting Sabrina ruin her relationship. Britt complains about Sabrina and Emma. Obrecht tells her the problem of the wife was removed before she even met the doctor. She suggests getting Britt’s father involved. Britt doesn’t want that. Obrecht tells her to redouble her efforts or she’ll call her father. Obrecht is relentless complaining about Sabrina and Emma. Britt says she would have done better if her mother ever had any maternal instinct. Obrecht slaps Britt threatening that she can take her out of the world too. Britt cries and her mother chastises her. Obrecht says even if the mouse and Patrick get together they have one surefire way of pulling them apart.

Nikolas is brought into GH. Luke repeatedly tries to get Nikolas tell him who has Lulu if he knows. Liz comes in and is surprised to see Nick. Epiphany threatens Luke to stay out of the way. Laura says if she finds out who did this she will kill them with her bare hands. Liz is at Nick’s side and tells him to stay with them as things turn critical.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:
Obrecht asks Britt when they'll do what they need to do.
Milo asks Sabrina about her relationship with Patrick.
Epiphany asks Patrick why he isn't at the party.

Scott tells Bobbie it's her fault.
Shawn saves Anna from being shot.

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