You Made A Big Mistake.

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Felix and Sabrina get ready to graduate, Bobbie and Nikolas arrive in Port Charles, and Epiphany shows Britt the results of an investigation.

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Felix and Sabrina get ready for graduation at the hospital. They talk about their graduation invites. Sabrina doesn’t think Patrick will come. Felix invited Milo, hopeful he is in the closet. Felix congratulates her for winning an award. Britt interrupts surprised Sabrina is graduating. Epiphany pulls Britt aside and confronts her about tampering with Sabrina’s test and gives her the proof she has from a hired detective that found Britt’s fingerprints on everything. Britt tries to manipulate Epiphany when she couldn’t pull rank to drop it. They argue. Britt walks away and threatens Sabrina as she’s leaving with Felix for their commencement ceremony. They thank Epiphany for clearing Sabrina’s name. She tells them it was Patrick who paid for the investigation. Felix thinks Patrick will show up at the graduation. Liz and Emma get off the elevator alone.

At home Patrick reads Sabrina’s invite. He remembers their last conversation. Elizabeth shows up to take Emma. Emma wants Patrick to come. He claims he has work. Liz tells him he’s avoiding Sabrina. He says he’s not, but it’s complicated. Liz said she made Sabrina tell him in case he’d be interested. Patrick said he didn’t think of her that way. Liz reminded him of New Year’s Eve and the truth about Britt comes out. They think about Robin and Patrick believes she would like Sabrina. Liz takes Emma whose all dressed up wearing fairy wings.

Lucy and Scott are at the park passing out flyers of Lulu. Dante shows up and grabs Scotty demanding to know what he did with Lulu. Lucy separates them telling Dante she has been with Scotty the whole time. Dante threatens to kill Scotty if he’s responsible. Scott tells Lucy he’s going to go support Laura. Lucy approaches a woman in black and gives her information about Lulu’s kidnapping. It is Dr. Obrecht from Lucerne Switzerland who asks who would do such a terrible thing. Lucy believes it is a crazy person. Dr. Obrecht tells Lucy the person doesn’t have to be insane, they might just be evil. Lucy is hesitant but asks the woman to contact them if she has any info and leaves. Dr. Obrecht crumples the flyer and throws it in the bushes. Britt shows up on crutches and says, "Hello Mother."

Luke and Laura are at Dante and Lulu’s. The police are preparing to trace calls. Laura is worried and Luke tells her Lulu is resourceful and will find a way out of this. Bobbie arrives and hugs Luke and Laura. Bobbie realizes someone has been watching her. Luke thinks it’s Scotty. Bobbie and Laura disagree with him. A detective lets Scotty in. Luke wants him to leave. Laura tells them to stop it so they can find Lulu. They calm down and Bobbie leaves with Scott to look for Lulu. Laura asks if Luke would rather fight with Scotty or find their daughter. They decide the first person they should be suspicious of is Helena. The detective lets Nikolas in. He hugs his mother.

Maxie appears to wake up from a nap by a knock on the door. Lulu enters and asks why she lied about the baby. Lulu says Dr. Westbourne told her everything. She screams at Maxie. They both cry. Maxie yells she doesn’t want the baby and neither does Spinelli. It’s a dream. She wakes up and finds Spin standing over her. He tells her what he heard her say and thinks she overheard him and Ellie arguing about having children. Spinelli says he wants kids. Maxie tells him he can be a dad and there is still time. He confesses he wants to procreate. He speculates that if fate took a different turn there would be little Spixie’s running about. Dante shows up and tells them Lulu is missing. Maxie starts to get upset. Dante tries to find out if anything suspicious has happened. Maxie asks what she can do and Dante asks her to take care of their baby. Dante leaves and calls Lulu to leave a message that he is coming to get her.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:
Emma says daddy is going to be sorry he missed this.
Patrick is watching home videos of Robin.
Britt asks her mother why she is there.
Dante asks Olivia to help find Lulu.
Nikolas said he came to see his sister.
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