You Fight For It.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Ellie tells Spin she doesn't want kids, Anna and Felicia discuss dealing with their past, and Laura abandons Scott at the courthouse.

You Fight For It. image

Spin brings Ellie coffee at the lab. She's worried and asks Spinelli if he wants to have a baby. She starts a lab test and waits for his answer. She clarifies she just wants to figure out their future together. He confesses he would like kids and Ellie tells him she doesn't. She won't leave tiny jackals on a dwindling planet with diminishing resources. He thinks it's too early to plan and that possibly she will change her mind. He doesn't agree with her when she thinks he could change his. She changes the subject so they can go home.

Frisco shows up at Maxie's with pizza and says he wants to talk about Spinelli. She scarfs down pizza and Frisco tells her he doesn't think passing the baby off as Lulu and Dante's is a good idea. She argues she's not ready and Spin is with someone else. Frisco explains they can raise a baby without being together. He cares that the baby is his grandchild. Maxie doesn't want to ruin it for the Falconeri's. She asks why Frisco is really there. They cry as he talks about all the time that has gone by. Maxie tells him about Georgie. Frisco admits he's still in love with Felicia. Maxie is upset that Mac might get hurt. He apologizes for dumping on her. She understands but doesn't agree he should try with Felicia. Frisco says when two people love each other you don't let that go. Spin and Ellie arrive after he leaves. Maxie asks Spin if he's all right. He says it is, or will be.

In Anna's office, Felicia avoids Mac's call and tells Anna she's a coward. She explains her trip down memory lane with Frisco. Anna understands. Felicia shows her a wedding photo of her and Frisco. She's sad she wasn't a priority and it's too late. Anna shares her wedding photo with Duke and tells Felicia about their date at the Metro Court. She explains it's over for them. Felicia says it's over for her and Frisco. They both turn their wedding photos upside-down.

Duke orders dinner at the Floating Rib and asks Mac about Felicia. Mac tells him Felicia's been lying and Frisco is up to something. He imagines the worst. Duke says Felicia is mad about him. Mac thinks that was until Frisco showed up and stirred up old memories. Duke doesn't think he should worry; all Anna and him have are just memories. He tells Mac about their last dinner together that went sour and maybe what they had was just too long ago. Mac says Anna is using her badge to hide from her feelings. Duke pays and leaves. Felicia arrives and confesses to Mac about her dinner with Frisco and his intentions. Mac asks how she feels about it. Frisco arrives before she answers. Mac punches him and Felicia rushes to his side.

Lucy hands flowers to Laura as Luke arrives at the courthouse. Scott demands to know why he's there. Luke blows him off and tells Laura that Lulu is getting ready. He hugs Lucy. Scott tells him he isn't invited and goes to throw him out. Laura wants to know what he is doing there first. Scotty says it's because he's a dumbbell and wants to tell her she's making the biggest mistake of her life. Kevin asks them to stop fighting. Luke admits he's there to stop the stupid wedding and Scotty's not the right man. Laura asks, "Then who is?" He doesn't know, but it's not Scotty. He is interrupted by a call from Dante. He hangs up and tells them about Lulu. Luke threatens Scotty then rushes off with Laura. Lucy tells Scotty no one believes he's responsible. Kevin's not sure if he agrees.

Lulu lies passed out at the apartment. Dante arrives and picks up a package at the door addressed from Bobbie. He yells to Lulu and unlocks the door. He rushes to her side and checks her pulse. Someone hits him in the head from behind. He wakes up and finds Lulu gone. He calls Luke to report Lulu missing. Anna shows up with police. Dante briefs her about the day's events. He's about to cry and complains about not being there for Lulu. He says the person who sent the package knew about the gift from Bobbie. Anna starts an investigation and wants to have the bear analyzed. Luke and Laura show up worried.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:
Spinelli tells Maxie he isn't meant to be a father.
Liz tells Patrick he's avoiding Sabrina.
Felix gives Britt his two cents.

Dante asks Scott what he's done with Lulu.
Laura asks Luke where their baby is.

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