Ticking Time Bomb Anyone?

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Laura is caught off guard when Scott wants to get married right away, Michael wonders why Starr has to leave Port Charles, and Anna has to say good-bye to one of her best detectives and friends.

Ticking Time Bomb Anyone? image

At the apartment Michael asks Starr why she has to leave. Starr wasn’t told why, she just needs to go right away. Todd arrives, asking, "How could you?" He rants about being dumped by Carly. Michael explains Carly to Todd. Starr lashes out about why people push Todd away. Todd asks if he finally pushed Starr away for good. He apologizes. She can’t listen to it and says she has to go. He sees the suitcase and asks where she’s going. She says LA. Michael insists on going but Todd decides to take her on his jet since he’s leaving for Llanview. Todd tells Michael he’ll never be back. Michael kisses Starr goodbye.

Carly and Sam toast a drink to the end of their relationships at the Floating Rib. They share what happened to each other with Todd and John. Sam tells Carly that Jason would want better than Todd for her. Carly tells Sam she should move on with John. Carly decides to note the day as a good day. They discuss finding men and leave, happy they ran into each other. Meanwhile, Lucy shows up with flowers and tells Kevin they are going to a wedding and he is the best man. She breaks the news in a whisper that it is for Scott Baldwin. Kevin would rather be bit by vampires. He wants out, she asks him to do it for her. Kevin drags Mac into the argument it but doesn’t get the advice he wants. He decides to do it and leaves with Lucy. Mac leaves a message for Felicia to discuss Frisco.

Anna shows up at John’s hotel asking for his badge. The bureau called him on a case. She needs to hire someone because he has a long-term assignment. John thinks this news couldn’t have come at a better time. He packs. Anna asks if there is anyone besides Rafe she should keep an eye on. He says, "You mean Sam." They talk about his guilt of how it all started. Anna cries over losing him. They share a drink and he leaves.

At the hospital Patrick examines Olivia. Dante explains she thought there was a bomb. Dante’s concerned about her past LSD overdose. Patrick runs tests. Dante steps out of the room. Olivia hears ticking. She sees a vision of Lulu’s clock teddy bear. The time says 7:00. She calls Dante to come in and tells him about the bear. He looks but can’t see. Olivia asks why she would see the bear. She tries to talk Dante into going home to check on Lulu. Patrick comes in with test results. Olivia is fine. She wants Dante to get rid of the bear.

Laura asks Scotty why she had to rush to the courthouse. Scotty says to get married. She doesn’t want to rush. She wants something special, something to tell her new grandchild about. Scott tells her the plan for a wedding with Lucy Coe as maid-of-honor and Kevin as best man. Laura wants Lulu to be her maid-of-honor. Scott calls Lulu and requests her to come to the courthouse for the wedding. Laura shares she wanted to plan her own wedding. He asks if she wants to wait because of Luke. Laura confesses she found out about Anna. She realizes Scott knew already and asks why. Scott shares his panic and fear of losing her. He asks if she still wants to marry him. Lucy and Kevin show up and Laura confirms there’s a wedding. She changes into the dress Lucy brought. Luke arrives.

At the Falconeri’s, Lulu tells Luke that Laura has feelings for him. Luke figures she wants Scott and they are over. Lulu gets the call from Scott. She fidgets with the bear. Luke asks what the problem is. She yells Scott and Laura are about to be married. They argue about Laura’s predicament. She tells Luke he should go stop the wedding. The time on the bear is 6:45. She pleads with Luke that if he doesn’t trust Scotty how could he let Laura marry someone he thinks is dangerous. Luke says Laura needs to pay the price or save herself. Lulu changes for the wedding. Luke has left. She picks up the bear. It’s 7:00 and the alarm rings. Lulu ends up passed out on the floor with the bear alarm ringing.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Frisco wants to talk to Maxie about Spinelli.

Ellie asks if Spinelli wants to have a baby.

Duke asks Mac about Felicia

Felicia wonders what to tell Mac about Frisco.

Scotty tells Luke he is not invited.

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- Violette DeSantis

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