Game Over.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Luke and Laura attend a get together at Dante and Lulu’s, Todd spoils Carly’s plot with AJ, and a surprise package arrives for Lulu.

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In their hotel room Scotty sees Laura looking at a photo of Luke. She closes her family album and explains how she will soon see the sonogram of her grandbaby. She thinks Lulu would like to see pictures of herself as a baby. Scott asks if she is going to keep what she saw between Duke and Anna to herself if she sees Luke. He wants to go with Laura but she wants to be alone with Lulu. Scott proposes, and this time produces a ring. He places it on her finger and she says yes.

Dante visits his mom at Steve’s. He is worried about her as she wanders around in a robe. She tells him she’s waiting for a lawyer to call and tries to get him to take the cannoli. He talks her into getting dressed to come with him for his and Lulu’s big day.

At Lulu’s, Luke asks if she has received any more surprise gifts. He indicates the ice princess fake might not have been from Helena. Luke suggests Scott is responsible. They agree Scott may still hold a grudge against her. Luke suspects Scotty is backing off because Luke is onto him. She says she will stay out of it. She has her own relationship to focus on. She thinks he does too. He tells her Anna broke it off. She asks if Laura knows. She thinks Laura will be interested in him now. Luke doesn’t understand how. Laura and Olivia arrive. Dante and Lulu unveil the picture of their baby. There are hugs all around. There is a pause as Luke and Laura turn to each other. They hug and smile at one another. Olivia leaves to get a gift from the car. Luke and Dante discuss Helena and he asks Dante to look into Scott Baldwin. Laura shares the family album with Lulu’s baby pictures. Laura confesses that Anna is cheating on Luke. Lulu tells her that Anna broke up with Luke and asks her if it matters to her. Olivia returns with a large gift bag addressed from Aunt Bobbi. Luke says don’t touch it.

In his hotel room John explains to Rafe how they could make it work if he stays with him. Sam asks if it’s a good idea since he has a high profile job and raising a teen is hard. Alexis arrives after speaking with child services and says it is not going to happen. John does not meet the requirements to be a foster parent. Molly says it is not fair and asks her mom to do more. Rafe says it is okay and thanks Alexis. John says he is sorry he let Rafe down. Sam is sad for John who throws everything off his desk. She reminds him how much he has done for them. He doesn’t agree but she calls him a good man and they kiss.

Lucy and Todd bump into each other at the Floating Rib. She tries to get him involved and wants to sell him a table to the Nurses’ Ball. He’s not interested. She changes the topic and talks about getting her man back. She realizes Todd doesn’t have his woman back. He says "The Easter Bunny sees all." Lucy offers him luck as he leaves to go fix his problem. Scotty shows up. He is happy to hear of her adventures. He tells her he is in Port Charles so Laura can see if anything is left between her and Luke. He tells her the stars aligned in his favor when Laura saw Luke kissing Anna. Then he found out they weren’t a couple when he went to free Lucy. Lucy agrees he shouldn’t fess up to Laura about that truth. Lucy asks if he loves Laura. He says he has since he was 17. Lucy tells him to go grab that girl and marry her before Laura finds out.

Carly and AJ argue about their secret at her house. They try to come up with a better plot to make Todd think they are really together. AJ says, "Game over." He tells Carly how Liz saw them kissing and how he had to lie to his son. He is tired of being blackmailed. She asks if he wants to find the missing heir before Luke does. Todd shows up and asks how the happy couple is. He asks them to go about their day and show him and Mr. Bunny how much they love each other. He freaks everyone out as he rips the camera out of the stuffed bunny. He tells them he knows they loathe each other. AJ storms out glad it is over. Todd says they can both screw up and they will always be there for each other. They kiss.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd and Carly kiss.

Liz tells AJ to give up and go back to Carly.

Scotty needs a marriage license right away.

Sam and John get close.

Luke is upset as Lulu goes through the gift bag.

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- Violette DeSantis

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