I Love You Both.

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Starr wants revenge on Todd, Molly gets her credit, and Sonny gets through to Connie.

I Love You Both. image

At the book launch at The Floating Rib, Connie loudly demands that Sonny tell her the truth. When he slept with her, did he really wish it was Kate? She takes the stage and tells everyone that Molly wrote the book, except for the hot stuff. That was all her. She rejoins Sonny and tells him it’s his turn. He’ll tell her the truth if she leaves with him and she agrees. Meanwhile, Agnes drags Molly off to meet her fans, who turn on her when they learn she didn’t write the sex scenes. TJ defends her while Agnes encourages Mac to give her a call if things don’t work out with Felicia. Later, TJ shows Molly a mockup of the new cover and they kiss.

At the Metro Court, Carly is grossed out about her makeout session with AJ. He reminds her that he was the one doing her a big favor and now he wants something in return - the name of the missing Quartermaine heir. She will deliver him the news once this show for Todd is over, whether it takes weeks or months. They pinkie swear and agree to tell no one the truth. She rushes off to do damage control. AJ calls Liz, but she ignores it.

At home, Sonny assures Connie he loves both her and Kate. Connie wishes he could see that Kate isn’t real but he disagrees. They need each other and if she doesn’t go to the doctor he wants her to walk out the door forever. He doesn’t want her in constant war with Kate, worrying if she will take over. Connie is sure she is stronger. He asks her to prove it and come to bed with him. She is scared she will disappear but he thinks integration will make her whole. He will never abandon her, no matter what. They hold hands.

Starr pours herself a glass of wine at home and tells Michael on the phone about her plans to eat Chinese takeout and catch up on "Reptile Wranglers." After she gets off the phone the food arrives – delivered by Todd. He asks for to help him get Carly to dump Michael’s dad. Starr is shocked but they are suddenly interrupted by Carly. Starr covers for her and assures Todd she is indeed seeing AJ. Todd leaves and Carly admits she is not seeing AJ. Starr tells Carly she is ready to give Todd some payback.

In the lab, Spin chomps antacid and assures Ellie he is suffering for stealing and swallowing the recipe. But he would gladly suffer more if it means she will forgive him. Michael joins them and Ellie explains how she found the molecular makeup of the last recipe, but Damien ate it before she could determine what it was. He is up to his esophagus in subterfuge. But she has an idea – surgical removal. After Spin’s refusal, she suggests an endoscopy instead.

Dante and Lulu joke on their way to the sonogram and a distracted Liz directs them to the exam room. In the exam room, Britt suggests Maxie get another OB, but Maxie refuses to lose their patient and doctor privilege. Britt promises not to tell Lulu and Dante the truth, but wants to be left out of it when it all comes crashing down. Dante and Lulu arrive and Britt administers the sonogram. Maxie looks sad while Lulu and Dante are overjoyed to hear the heartbeat. Lulu tells Maxie they will forever be grateful. They leave and Maxie asks Britt to see sonogram again. Later, Liz accidentally directs Spin into Maxie’s room. His heart is warmed by the site of the baby but notices Maxie is upset. She seems about to tell him the truth when Ellie comes in and gushes over how happy Dante and Lulu are. Later, Dante and Lulu thank Britt for making it all happen. She gives all the credit to Maxie. Meanwhile, Michael asks Liz about her date with AJ and she tells him he was too busy making out with Carly. He is doubtful but AJ arrives and confirms Liz’s story. She stomps off and he AJ tells Michael it is all true.

Todd drinks at the Metro Court alone. His son Danny calls him to scream at him.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd tries to convince Carly how good they were together.

AJ may have to go to Plan B.

Felix wonders how the men around can be so thoughtless.

Sam tells Molly that Rafe is gone.

Rafe shows up at John’s door with no place to go.

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- Hollie Deese

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