Just A Fairy Tale.

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Duke confesses to Anna, Scott stops Laura, and TJ has good news for Molly.

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Connie reveals herself to Kate at Sonny’s. She refuses to let Kate just come back to take her life and her man. She and Sonny were there for each other after Trey died. She believes Sonny cares about her and that they have a real connection. Connie then tells Kate that she is the real person and Kate is the alter. Everything about Kate’s life is a lie. Connie is the one who was born in Bensonhurst, fell in love with Sonny and was raped by Joe Jr. Kate is just a fairy tale. Kate smashes the mirror, smiles and heads back to bed with Sonny.

In their hotel room, Laura is disgusted with Anna for kissing Duke when she is dating Luke. Scott doesn’t care if Anna is stepping out on Luke but Laura is compelled to tell him the truth. Scott doesn’t want them to get mixed up in Luke’s life. He understands they have a history and kids, but they have a future, Mr. And Mrs. Scott Baldwin, the sequel. They kiss. She agrees to drop it but when he hops in the shower she leaves.

Alexis brings food to Rafe, Molly and John at PCPD. They haven’t found a foster home for Rafe and he worries he will be sent to an orphanage. He has stayed at lots of hostels, but now his mom is gone and he is all alone. Molly pleads with Alexis to let Rafe come home with them while John assures Rafe they will find him a good home. Molly hugs Rafe goodbye and Alexis promises him they will find a solution. John stays with Rafe until social services arrives and promises to check on him tomorrow.

TJ gives Shawn attitude at the Rib. He is upset that Molly is celebrating her freedom at PCPD with Rafe instead of with him. Shawn lets him know that Kate is back so now Molly can get her book back. TJ is excited to tell her and make her forget about Rafe. Molly and Alexis arrive and Molly is ecstatic when TJ tells her the news.

Duke’s money is flagged as counterfeit at the Metro Court restaurant. He admits to Anna that he researched the relish, broke into Tracy’s house and took it. He tried to put one over on Tracy, but she put one over on him. Anna chuckles over it all and he admits he has lost his finesse in certain areas. They leave to confront Tracy – after Anna pays the bill.

At the Q estate, Tracy tell Luke that Duke robbed her of the relish and she has set him up to take a fall. Luke is giddy to hear what she has done until she tells him. He thinks she is crazy considering the SEC is breathing down her neck. She stands by her actions. Duke broke in and pretended to pump her for info on Luke’s relationship with Anna when everyone in town knows he and Anna are through. Luke worries that Duke will tell Anna where he got the cash, but Tracy will cross that bridge when she comes to it. Tracy brings the conversation back to Laura. She always needs rescuing and Luke will step over anyone to make it happen. He assures Tracy he would do the same for her. Laura enters and Luke is surprised to see her. She has tracked him down to tell him something about Anna and Duke, who also suddenly arrive. Luke and Laura step outside but are interrupted by Scotty. He pulls her aside and reprimands her for doing the opposite of what they decided together. She apologizes and he asks her to not tell Luke and just come home with him now. Meanwhile, Anna has no choice but to arrest both Tracy and Duke unless they both drop it. They do and later, Tracy pours herself a drink. Luke grabs it from her and drinks it down.

Laura and Scott return to their room. She hopes he did the right thing and he assures her she did. They are about to get married and are right where they belong. She tells him she loves him and they kiss.

Anna calls it a night with Duke at the hotel. She can’t socialize with someone who breaks the law. He hasn’t really changed and if she turns a blind eye, then she will lose her job and her self-respect. Sad, he leaves.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny wonders who smashed the mirror.

Ellie thinks there is a secret ingredient.

Tracy attacks Spin for the recipe.

Carly assures Michael she would never take Todd back.

Heather is called to the stand in Todd’s trial.

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- Hollie Deese

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