Slow To The Fire.

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Sabrina fights for herself, Sonny and Carly spar over their love choices, and Heather and Todd help each other out.

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Todd and Heather cross paths at PCPD. He considers her one of the worst things to ever happen to him but he didn’t think she deserved to be choked and thrown in the harbor. He also heard about her stabbing her son. She warns him to be nice to her. His trial starts tomorrow and the DA will go easy on her if she testifies against Todd. But she has had a revelation. She failed Steve her whole life and had to make it stop. Plus, she also took the heat on the breakout from Ferncliff and the baby swapping. She won’t testify against him and even advises him to get Diane to convince Johnny to get his goon to shut up. He does have leverage since Johnny killed his granddaughter and is grateful for her advice. She just wishes she could call Steve. Todd starts screaming for his lawyer until they uncuff him. He secretly hands Heather the phone to call Steve. Later, she hopes the trial goes his way and encourages him not to give up on Carly. There could be redemption for all of them. Later, Todd asks Diane to work on Johnny and his goon.

Olivia comes home and tells Kate the wedding is off. Steve confessed to murder and is throwing his whole life away. This was supposed to be her happy ending. Later, Kate shares that she went to the church and talked with them about Trey’s last few months. The priest gave her his bag and Olivia offers to go through it with her. She finds a book on California and a picture of Trey and Kristina. There is also an envelope with clippings about Kate – he was trying to get to know her. Olivia encourages her to let Sonny in – he really does love her.

At the hospital, Patrick asks Epiphany why she thinks Sabrina cheated. Epiphany reveals that Sabrina got a perfect score, which has never happened. Then, she got an anonymous email that Sabrina had a copy of the test. Then, she found a copy of the answers in Sabrina’s locker. Patrick accuses Britt of doing this. He has no evidence though, and without proof Epiphany kicks Sabrina out. Sabrina calls after Epiphany with a new purpose. She has never cheated on anything, not even Solitaire. She challenges Epiphany to give her the exam one more time, right now, and if she gets one answer wrong they can kick her out. Epiphany agrees. Patrick is impressed with Sabrina. She is slow to the fire but when she gets there, watch out. Later, Patrick thanks Epiphany and she admits that Britt was never good enough for him. He needs someone with a heart big enough for him and Emma. He locks eyes with Sabrina through the glass.

Dante visits Steve in his room and tells him Heather is off to a maximum security place that makes Ferncliff look like a resort. Steve agrees it is where she belongs. Dante asks how the wedding went and Steve tells him it didn’t happen because the Memphis cops came with a warrant for his arrest. Dante respects that he is accepting his consequences but hates what it will do to Olivia. Steve answers his phone and is surprised it is Heather. She wants him to be happy and live his life with Olivia. Later, Olivia comes by and apologizes to Steve for walking out. She is going to miss him like crazy. They hold each other as they profess their love.

Sonny answers the door at home to Carly, wishing it was Kate. Carly is surprised to hear Kate is back and wonders why they aren’t together. He tries to usher her out but she won’t leave without an explanation. He reluctantly tells her Kate doesn’t want him because he slept with Connie. Carly blows up and calls him selfish. Kate believed in him and defended him and he lied to her face. She then admits she is just taking her frustrations on Todd out on him. Sonny thought she wrote him off with her other boyfriend Johnny. He picks on her for pining over the dirt bag who stole Jason’s kid. She retaliates – at least Johnny and Todd are two different people. The both back down for taking things out on each other. Carly actually came over to give him Morgan’s itinerary for his trip to DC, not fight. Later, Kate comes over.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kate asks Sonny if he wants her or Connie.

Duke gifts Anna with a jewelry box.

Spin wonders what Ellie is working on in the lab.

Mac tells Kevin that Felicia lies to him.

Felicia tells Frisco that if he really cares about her he will leave.

Luke knows what Scotty did.

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- Hollie Deese

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