Public Relations Nightmare.

Monday, March 4th, 2013

A decision is made about the escapees, Steve is arrested, and Olivia refuses to give up.

Public Relations Nightmare. image

At the hospital, Patrick overhears Sabrina tell Felix she didn’t graduate. She assumes she failed the exam, but Felix doesn’t buy it. Neither does Patrick. He approaches Britt and tells her he thinks she had something to do with it. She accuses Sabrina of being too distracted by her monumental crush on – Steve. Patrick refuses to believe Sabrina failed and if he finds out Britt had anything to do with it she will be the one leaving GH, not Sabrina. Meanwhile, Felix thinks it could be a clerical error and leaves to talk to Epiphany. When he returns he tells Sabrina she passed with flying colors but they think she cheated.

In his room Olivia and Steve say their vows, but before they are pronounced man and wife the Memphis PD come to arrest Steve for murder. Maggie’s family didn’t believe she killed herself. They found the suicide note was forged by a man hired by Heather Webber. So they kept looking and found a file that implicated Steve in the murder of his patient. Liz is shocked when she realizes the accusations are true. Steve isn’t going to fight it. He had no right to kill someone to save that little girl and now it has all caught up with him. Olivia begs to marry him anyway but Steve refuses. This isn’t the way to start a marriage.

The Port Charles Three are hounded by the press at PCPD. Sam arrives to address the media and set the record straight. If it weren’t for these three people she and Danny would be dead. Rafe stood up to Heather and protected her son. Lucy warned them all how dangerous Stephen was. And John risked his badge to save them all. She will fight for them the way they fought for her. She and John lock eyes. Later, Rafe pulls Lucy aside and tells her about his conversation with Alison. Lucy tells him she came to her too in the tunnels, to give her courage. Rafe is upset he has DNA from a psycho and could turn out like Caleb. Lucy wants him to hold onto the fact that John McBain is a good guy. They look so much alike, there has to be something there.

The mayor reads Anna the riot act in her office about the Port Charles Three. How could the PCPD mistake a cop for a serial killer? They watch the press conference and the mayor doesn’t get any happier. After Sam’s testimony they will look like heartless monsters if they press charges. Anna has a solution. She turns over her badge and a letter of resignation and takes full responsibility for all the mistakes. The mayor rips it up. She handpicked Anna, and failure on her part is a failure on the mayor. The DA insists on pressing charges. The mayor does not want the public backlash.

The mayor arrives at PCPD and brings the three prisoners out on camera to reveal their fate. She makes a statement that Anna was working in tandem with the prisoners and they won’t press charges. Later, Lucy wants to discuss why John looks like Caleb and Sam looks like Livvie and insists she see Stephen’s body.

At home, Molly doesn’t regret breaking out the Port Charles Three since they saved Sam. She and Kristina discuss how creepy Sam’s bite marks were with the poison Stephen used in his fangs. Molly puts on the press conference and Kristina is pretty sure Molly has a bit of a thing for Rafe. She denies it, but is ecstatic when the mayor announces his release.

Molly arrives at PCPD and hugs Rafe, who tells her that Caleb was his father. John tells Sam he is worried about Rafe and they wonder where he will go.

Lucy and Anna go to the morgue and the mortician pulls back the sheet. Lucy sees the ring is missing and demands to know where it is. She tried to take the ring off, but the mortician never saw it. Anna sees it was never even taken into evidence. Lucy begrudgingly admits Caleb was just a man and is dead. Later, the mortician pulls the ring out of his pocket and puts it on his own finger. He covers the body and leaves. From behind, the mortician looks like Caleb.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick demands Sabrina not be expelled without a hearing.

Steve tells Dante that he loves Olivia but can’t marry her.

Liz tells Kate she and Steve aren’t getting married.

Sonny admits to Carly that Kate came back after he slept with Connie.

Heather can’t keep Todd out of Pentonville.

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- Hollie Deese

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