Friday, March 1st, 2013

Olivia and Steve are ready to wed, Frisco threatens Britt, and Ellie works on the relish with Starr.

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Spin and Ellie enter the lab a day early at the hospital so she can figure out the best way to navigate with her walker but soon Spin rushes off to meet Tracy about a job. Later, Michael, Starr and AJ come in with the relish and ask if she can help figure out the ingredients. Ellie is not allowed permission but AJ tells them his family’s legacy depends on it. She and Starr work in the lab while AJ and Michael chat outside. Meanwhile, Sabrina is waiting to hear the hospital’s verdict about her future upstairs. Patrick assures her it will be fine. Britt comes in, on crutches, with the board’s verdict. Sabrina learns that she is innocent and free to resume full duties. Britt is pissed and bars Sabrina from her patients anyway. Meanwhile, Olivia enters Steve’s room wearing a wedding gown. They can get married right here without Steve getting out of bed. Maxie helped her with all the details. Meanwhile, Maxie tells Frisco she hasn’t heard from Britt. Spin walks up as they are talking about the baby but doesn’t hear anything. Maxie introduces Spin to Frisco, who is cold to Spin for breaking his daughter's heart. He isn’t impressed with Spin but promises Maxie he will leave him alone. Later, Frisco spots Britt while Maxie scoots to the wedding. It is obvious Frisco caused Britt's accident and he tells her they are done when he tells her they are done. There is still the issue of the nurse. Patrick sees Frisco and Britt talking and later asks how she got on his bad side. Britt gives him an excuse that it is about the baby but he doesn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Maxie goes to Steve’s room and rushes off with Liz to get her ready for the wedding. Sabrina comes in to get Steve’s chart and finally admits to both of them that she never had a crush on Steve. She was too embarrassed to admit who her real crush was. Olivia apologizes for being such a bitch and advises her to tell the person she likes about her crush.

Spin gets to the Q estate and Tracy tells him she needs to get her relish back. Duke won’t return her calls so that is why she called him. Spin reveals that Duke works for ELQ and now she knows for sure AJ has the relish.

Mac and Felicia flirt at the Rib and she ignores a call from Frisco. Soon Duke comes in and chats with Felicia while Mac goes downstairs. He tells her he is working at ELQ but having problems with Tracy. Felicia feels sorry for Tracy and thinks AJ just took ELQ from her. Tracy has had to be abrasive to keep her place in the family and deserves more than she gets. Soon she expresses concerns about Frisco’s return. She is avoiding telling Mac that Frisco wants her back. She tried to make it work before, but at her family’s expense. Duke encourages her to tell Frisco it is over – unless it isn’t. Frisco arrives and asks Felicia if she got his message. Duke leaves to meet Tracy and Mac overhears Frisco tell Felicia to get dressed up and meet him for dinner.

Duke goes to the Q estate to meet Tracy. She thinks AJ took the key and wants Duke to steal it back. She opens a case of cash and asks him to work for her, unless he has more profitable employment. Later, Spin comes in from outside and Tracy asks him to spy on AJ and Duke and get the recipe as soon as they have it.

Back in the lab, Starr and Ellie work on the relish compound while Michael and AJ chat outside. When Liz comes by in her dress, AJ asks her out on a date. She agrees and he congratulates himself with a fist pump. Later, Duke joins AJ and Michael and tells them that Tracy wants him to find the relish. Upstairs, Olivia and Steve exchange their vows. Just as they are about to be pronounced man and wife, the Memphis police come to arrest Steve. Later, the nurse graduate list is posted, but Sabrina’s name isn’t on it.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz wonders what Steve is under arrest for.

Anna turns in her letter of resignation.

Sam defends the actions of Lucy, Rafe and John.

Sabrina is mad at herself.

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- Hollie Deese

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