Together In Peace.

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Caleb is overpowered, Alison visits Rafe, and Tracy discovers her relish is missing.

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Monica and Tracy bicker about the relish at the Q estate. Monica reminds Tracy that AJ is in charge so she might as well hand it over to the people who can do something with it. Tracy agrees. She is going to take it to a lab to get a recipe, and leaves to get the relish. Soon Monica hears a blood-curdling scream. Tracy comes back and accuses AJ of taking it. She wants to call the cops, but Monica reminds her that Duke was there earlier. Tracy doesn’t think he even knows the relish exists. Monica begs Tracy to admit defeat. Tracy refuses. She's not dead yet!

Alison watches over Rafe and Danny at Wyndmere. She urges him not to blame himself for her death. He asks if Caleb is really his father and she admits that he is. But although he is Caleb’s biological son, he is Rafe’s true son. Good always conquers evil. She fades away and tells him he is not alone. Under Wyndemere, Sam begs Caleb for John’s release as Lucy storms in with a crossbow loaded with a silver-tipped arrow. They bicker while John and Sam both work on their ropes. Caleb bares his fangs at Lucy, who has been waiting a long time for this. "Ta," she says and lets the arrow fly. Caleb plucks the arrow out of the air and tells Lucy to say goodbye. John breaks free as Caleb makes a final lunge at Lucy. John and Caleb fight while Lucy frees Sam. John is being overpowered until Sam calls out to Caleb. It distracts him and it is enough for John to stab him in the gut. He checks for a pulse, but finding none declares it all over. Lucy asked if they saw how Caleb grabbed the arrow out of the air and if they believe her now. John pulls fake fangs out of Caleb’s mouth and hands them to Lucy. His real name was Stephen Clay. He isn’t immortal, just a man who lost his mind when his wife died. Sam hopes they are together in peace now and she and John go upstairs. Lucy stays with Caleb, sure he is playing a game with her. She tries to grab his ring but it won’t come off. She wants to get the axe to cut it off until it hits her - He was just crazy and she is not giving him one more day of her life. She had people who love her and she is going back to them. Her time as a slayer is finished. She runs off. On his finger, Caleb’s ring glistens. Upstairs, Sam grabs Danny and thanks Rafe for keeping him safe. John tells him it is over and Caleb is dead.

The doctor tells Olivia that Steve’s wounds are severe but his prognosis is good. Liz hugs AJ and Dante arrives to tell them that Heather is in custody after turning herself in. Olivia leaves to see Steve and Liz thanks AJ for being there for her. He takes a call from Michael who asks him to come over. In his room Steve opens his eyes to Olivia. She prayed that he would be okay and he tells her he has an angel over him. Liz joins them and wants Steve to know how much she loves him and appreciates him. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Dante she is still concerned about the dog vision. Later, Olivia wants to get married right away.

Duke persists at Michael’s door until he stops kissing Starr and opens up. Duke hands over the relish and admits he went to the estate with his story about getting Anna back. Tracy has no idea the relish is missing but it won’t be long before she does. AJ arrives and is ecstatic but they still need the recipe. Starr can help. She knows how to reverse engineer and will start tomorrow. AJ feels good about the future of ELQ. Outside, he asks Duke not to come back to the office and keep his work relationship with ELQ under wraps.

AJ goes home where Tracy accuses him of stealing her relish. He acts shocked and swears he didn’t steal it. He goes to bed while Tracy calls Duke, who doesn’t answer.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

The board makes their decision about Sabrina.

Spin overhears Maxie tells Frisco something about the baby.

Michael and Starr come to Ellie for help.

Felicia avoids Frisco.

Olivia brings the wedding to Steve.

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- Hollie Deese

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