A Freak Coincidence.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Duke finds the key, Anna misses Robin, and the people of Port Charles turn to prayer.

A Freak Coincidence. image

At the Q estate Tracy hides the key to the relish somewhere new. Duke watches from outside and calls AJ. He may have found an opening to get the Pickle-Lila. He enters the study and looks for the key until Tracy rushes in, wielding an umbrella. She recognizes Duke and he tells her he is desperate for dirt on Luke. He wonders if he is still a factor with Anna. Tracy tells him that Anna broke it off with Luke and said the love of her life was Duke. He grabs Tracy for a hug and grabs the key while they embrace. He excuses himself to use the bathroom and later shows himself out. He has the relish.

Steve is wheeled into the hospital and prepped for surgery as Olivia tells Liz what happened. The doctor won’t let Liz or Olivia go with Steve, so Olivia takes the stairs and AJ and Liz go to the chapel. Liz lights a candle and thinks about her last conversation with Steve. She asks AJ to sit with her and he agrees, all night long if it takes. He offers to pray with her. It is how he recovered and stays recovered. She asks God for a miracle. Meanwhile, Olivia prays for Steve. She has been alone her whole life and it was supposed to be her time with Steve. Later, the doctor joins all of them by the nurse’s station and Olivia can tell the news is bad.

Heather goes to Wyndemere to get Danny but Rafe refuses to hand him over. She tells him about her baby Steven Lars. She loved him very much but she couldn’t take care of him. So she sold him. She tried to make it up to him but it didn’t work. Rafe tells Heather how he loved his mom and failed her, like she failed her son. They were always on the move. She thought there was an evil man after him and Rafe thought she was crazy. He had no friends and she would leave him alone in scary places. Then she died because he wasn’t there to save her. Heather grabs him in a hug. Her own son could be dying as they speak and all they can do is pray. She drops to her knees and begs for Steve to live. Meanwhile, Lucy knocks herself out in the tunnels under Wyndemere. When she comes to she is shocked to see Alison and apologizes for failing her. Alison tells her she is at peace now. All her fear is gone and she is finally with her husband. It is up to Lucy to protect their son. Alison disappears and Lucy is scared she can’t defeat Caleb. She grabs her weapon and begs God for help. Meanwhile, John rushes into the chamber just as Caleb goes for Sam’s neck a third time. Caleb insists she wants this. When he tastes her blood they will be reunited and claim the boys upstairs together - and he is going to let John watch. Caleb goes for Sam’s neck and John lunges at him with an axe. Caleb overtakes him and chokes him until John passes out. Caleb tells Sam to say goodnight to McBain as he sharpens his axe. Sam begs to God to help her and John from this evil. Suddenly, Lucy bursts in.

At PCPD Anna calls for her officers to canvas the city until they find Heather. She then wants all of Clay’s records as well as contact with one of his doctors before he escaped. Alexis rushes in and asks Anna to help with Molly but Anna is too busy to deal with that. She tells Alexis about Heather and Steve, then fills her in on escaped patient Stephen Clay. After his wife Livvie died he suffered a psychotic break and was convinced he was actually vampire. He went on a killing spree and was locked up, but vanished from a locked room on Halloween at midnight. Later, Alexis admits her father forced her to give Sam up for adoption and she didn’t raise her. Anna asks who Sam’s father is but Alexis gets a call before she can answer. Later, Anna prays to God to watch over Robin just before Heather turns herself in.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante tells Olivia how sorry he is.

Michael asks if Tracy knows the jar is missing.

Liz tells AJ his presence made all the difference.

Tracy demands to know where her relish is.

Lucy fires a round at Caleb.

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- Hollie Deese

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