Welcome Home.

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

John, Rafe and Lucy look for clues, Luke and Lulu try to come to terms with Laura marrying Scotty and Kate finds out what happened to Trey.

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At PCPD Anna briefs Shawn and Alexis on the escape of John, Rafe and Lucy and that Molly had facilitated the escape. Alexis sees Molly in custody and professes she is just a kid. Anna explains she used Lucy’s diversion. Alexis asks why and Molly repeats how Lucy believes she needs to protect Rafe. Alexis gets nowhere interrogating Molly. Shawn asks her for information so they can help. Molly says they didn’t tell her where they were going. She defends her actions that it may help Sam.

At the university, John, Rafe and Lucy enter the deceased professor’s office to investigate on their own. They look for clues. Lucy tells Rafe about his mother and that she was not crazy. John finds something in a book. Lucy argues she could have told him this. She shares about Caleb’s alias name Clay. John searches online and finds out who the vampire really is. He reads about Steven Clay escaping from a mental institution after a murder spree following the death of his wife. Photos of the couple look like John and Sam. Clay claimed to be immortal. John tries to figure out the legend to think like Clay. Rafe worries and Lucy says she’ll protect him. Lucy explains the nightmare she had. John wants to know where she had it. She tells him Windemere.

Tracy discusses A.J. with Luke at the Quartermaine’s. She can take over ELQ if he doesn’t make a disclosure to the SCC about his condition. Luke shares he is distracted and can’t find the missing heir because of what happened on Valentine’s Day. Tracy thinks he was groveling over Anna. She's shocked when Luke tells her he ran into Laura. Tracy surmises Laura is here for the coming grandbaby. She spits out her drink when she hears Laura is marrying Scott. Luke thinks Laura loves Scotty. Tracy says she can have him. Luke refuses to let Laura marry Scotty. Tracy calls Luke out and asks if he wanted Laura back when he saw her again. Luke is distracted and mentions the Ice Princess. He now thinks Helena had nothing to do with it. He thinks it is Scotty.

Scott Baldwin shows up at The Haunted Star. Lulu is doing paperwork. He wants to settle unfinished business over the death of Logan. Lulu explains what happened. Scotty believes he has more perspective into what happened. Lulu agrees to move on and they can never have contact again. Scotty breaks the news they will be family since he is marrying Laura. Laura shows up and asks for time with Lulu. Lulu is stunned and asks what Laura is doing. Laura defends herself that she and Scotty were trying to rebuild their lives and they have reconnected. Lulu wonders why she didn’t tell Lulu about the engagement right away. She thinks Laura didn’t intend to marry Scott until she saw Luke kissing Anna. Lulu isn’t sure where Luke stands with Anna. Scott returns as she asks Laura if not being with Luke is a reason to marry Scott. He wants Lulu to know his intentions are honorable and offers his hand. Laura wants her to shake. She reluctantly does.

Scott shows up at the PCPD. Anna tries to avoid him. He asks to see his client Lucy Coe. Anna tells him he can’t and admits Lucy escaped. Scott is not surprised. Anna explains she can’t help him and wonders why Scott is there. Scott shares he's visiting with his fiancé. Anna is surprised to hear it's Laura. She thinks he’s taking advantage of her mental instability. Anna corrects Scotty when he thinks she and Luke are involved.

Olivia tries to break the news about Trey to Kate at Steve’s apartment. Kate rushes to leave when Sonny arrives. She doesn’t want to see him and wants to see Trey. Sonny yells she can’t. Sonny tells her Trey is gone. When she questions them further Sonny apologizes and says Trey is dead. Kate can’t believe it, crying she wants to know how he died. Sonny and Olivia are quiet. Sonny explains about the car accident and Connie’s involvement, including taking him off of life support.

At the PCPD Anna is notified of a break in at the university.

Sam wakes up in a haze at Windemere to see Clay standing over her. He welcome’s her home.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick gives a eulogy for Robin.

Kate is upset over what happened to Trey.

Sabrina spills a vase of water over Steve.

John says he cannot protect Lucy and Rafe.

Sam sees Clay holding Danny.

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- Violette DeSantis

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