Metric Tons Of Gumption.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Lucy causes a scene, Kate wants to see Trey, and AJ has another attack.

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Sonny runs into Michael outside the Haunted Star and tells him Connie is gone. Kate is back and took off when she realized Sonny slept with Connie.

Kate wakes up at Olivia’s and still can’t believe Sonny slept with Connie. Olivia comforts her and when Sonny calls urges him to give Kate space. Later, Olivia tells Kate what Connie did to Sonny at the wedding. Kate wonders why Johnny would help Connie and Olivia reveals that Johnny killed Starr’s family, not Kate. Kate wants to run off and see Starr and remembers she lives with Trey. Then it hits her. The last thing she remembers was fighting with Trey when she saw his medal. Trey is her son, and he is alive! She wants to see him but Olivia stops her.

Back on the boat, Michael stops Sonny from going to Olivia’s. Sonny admits to Michael that he was with Connie because he wanted to be. He won’t excuse what she has done but there is more to her than meets the eye. He has real feelings for Connie, but he loves Kate and has to see her now. He knows she needs him, and he needs her.

Liz calls AJ from the hospital to thank him for a new bouquet of flowers he sent her. He tells her he had a great time with her and the boys. She enjoyed it too and reminds him to try something new with Tracy. Later, she and Steve talk about Heather’s possible murder and he assures her he is okay. He then tells Liz about Olivia’s gruesome vision and they decide there is room for interpretation. He notices the flowers and she reluctantly tells him they are from AJ. He is trying to prove himself and make amends for past mistakes. He just needs a friend.

At the Q estate, AJ tries to start over with Tracy. He has a business plan for Pickle Lila that includes putting aside their differences and working together. A real family business, stronger than ever. She wonders what has turned him around and he admits a friend. He keeps pushing but she refuses. She only wants the CEO title and will work to get the votes she needs to vote him out. He starts to have another panic attack and begs Tracy to help him. She laughs in his face and calls him a shameless fraud. He begs her to call Liz. Tracy does, and Liz walks him though some calming breathing techniques.

Tracy drops AJ off at the hospital and leaves with some scathing words about his skills as a CEO. Liz reassures AJ that he will be fine and she will help him get through it.

Molly drops off pictures of Sam and Danny at PCPD. Lucy is handcuffed nearby and beckons her over. She tells Molly she knows who took her sister, and why. Molly has heard about Lucy because John is a friend of her family. Lucy is starting to believe Caleb and John are two different people. She tells Molly that Caleb was obsessed with Livvie, who looks just like Sam. And the one thing he wants as much as Livvie is his son Rafe. Lucy begs Molly to break Rafe out of jail and hands her some keys she lifted from a cop. Molly worries he will be in more danger outside but Lucy convinces her. From his cell John begs the officer on duty to let him out. Rafe can tell Sam and Danny mean a lot to John and blames himself for letting Heather take the baby. John wants to concentrate on getting them back. Rafe tells him that Caleb told him he was his father. Molly arrives and nervously drops the keys. John covers for her with the officer and tells her he won’t say anything if she lets him out too. He wants to bring Sam home safe. Rafe believes John. Molly tells them they are waiting for Lucy to create a distraction. Upstairs, Lucy starts a fire and is able to escape. Molly opens the cell doors and lets John and Rafe go.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Rafe worries about getting in trouble with John and Lucy.

Alexis questions Molly about her actions.

Luke wants to commiserate with Tracy.

Lulu hopes Scotty is lying.

Sonny tells Kate that Trey is gone.

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- Hollie Deese

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