That Mean Lady.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Michael and Starr struggle to be alone, Frisco makes a move for Maxie, and Luke wonders about Lulu’s gift.

That Mean Lady. image

Spin arrives at Ellie’s with the Valentine’s works. He sets up her favorite dinner, then gifts her with a diamond bracelet. Next, he puts on her favorite song and supports her while they dance. Later, he gets her a copy of her favorite non-sci fi movie, "Up." They both cry as they watch it.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu opens a gift with what appears to be a black rock on a stick. Neither she nor Dante knows what it is and the card has no name. They decide to go home and ask Michael and Starr to stay just as they were trying to sneak off themselves, foiling their plans. Later, Olivia watches Sonny and Connie make out and wonders if she is having another vision. Connie pushes Sonny off and he chases her. Meanwhile, Michael is ready to go find an empty room and dashes off with Starr. Sabrina can’t stop thinking about the cop she killed. Felix insists on going back to work with her. Maxie points Sabrina out to Frisco and tells him she ruined her life by making her believe she killed one of her patients. He presses her for a motive and she tells him that Britt is blackmailing her. The baby she is carrying is not Dante and Lulu’s. She tells him about her miscarriage and subsequent hookup with Spin. Frisco holds her close and assures her he will take care of Britt. He is very experienced at dirty tricks.

Sonny catches Connie by the guest rooms. He doesn’t want to ignore what they have anymore. This isn’t about Kate. He wants her. They start making out then stumble into a room just as a shocked Michael and Starr turn the corner and see them. Later, after they have sex, Connie tells Sonny sex has always been a weapon for her. Now she feels like she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She is scared that his feelings aren’t real, but Sonny reassures her they are. He will take care of Diane and her defense and they are right where they belong. She starts to cry and tells him this is the happiest she has been her whole life. Later, Kate wakes up, scared.

Outside the club, Laura and Luke say hello. She saw him yesterday, but he was too busy with Anna for her to say hi. Lulu and Dante interrupt them on their way out and they all gush about the baby. Lulu shows them the gift from her admirer and Luke and Laura both look sick. They have seen this before. Luke tells them it looks like the original ice princess, an uncut diamond. They think it could be from Helena Cassadine but wonder what message she is sending to Lulu. Dante and Lulu leave and alone, Luke and Laura have a bad feeling. Suddenly, Scott Baldwin walks up.

Michael and Starr return to an empty dance floor and agree holding each other is the best thing in the world.

Steve and Olivia return home and notice the door is open. They see nothing wrong but are both a little jumpy. She wonders again about her vision of him with Sabrina and heads to check out the shower herself. Later, they have sex on the floor and Steve decides to take a shower. She sees Steve come stumbling out with a massive stomach wound.

At the hospital, Emma shows Patrick a valentine she made for Sabrina. She spots Britt and tells Patrick the mean lady is coming. Britt apologizes to Emma and hopes they can be friends but Emma runs off and right into Sabrina’s arms. Felix gives Emma a magic wand and she asks if it will make Britt disappear. Felix takes Emma away while Britt discourages Patrick from letting Emma be rude to adults. She hands Sabrina a copy of the letter she gave to Monica, which calls her unprofessional, incompetent, slovenly and obsessed with a male doctor. Patrick will do what he can to help Sabrina. He doesn’t want to lose her and gives her Emma’s valentine.

Britt meets Maxie in a hospital room and is surprised by Frisco. He tells her to stop blackmailing Maxie and keep her mouth shut about the baby. She will also fix the Sabrina mess. He gets paid to kill bad guys, and from where he is standing, she is a bad guy.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Alexis is worried Heather took Sam and Danny.

Sonny is shocked and thrilled to see Kate.

Duke has hope for a future with Anna.

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- Hollie Deese

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