The Kid’s The Key.

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Todd is arrested, TJ and Molly argue, and Caleb finds Sam.

The Kid’s The Key. image

At the pier, Todd turns his head a moment and Caleb is gone. Anna and Sam arrive on the scene, then Carly. Todd saw John kill Heather, throw her in the water and try to snatch the baby. He swears to Carly he is being honest as Anna leads him off for attempted kidnapping. Later, Sam tells Carly about the other murders. She thinks there is someone else who looks exactly like John. Carly heads off for a date with Joss and when Sam turns around Caleb is sitting there. He heard Todd tried to take off with the baby and asks her to hand him over. She is visibly scared. She knows it is Caleb, but she doesn’t know him. He tells her they have known each other for centuries and they always circle back to find each other.

Alexis is shocked Molly is harboring an accused murderer at home. Rafe defends Molly and assures Alexis he would never hurt Danny. Sam calls to tell them Danny is fine and Molly pleads with Alexis to not call the cops on Rafe. Alexis admires her empathy but she can’t harbor a fugitive. Molly calls her a hypocrite because of what she does for Sonny. Rafe interrupts. He is ready to turn himself in. Molly pleads for Alexis to at least defend him but she can’t because she is defending John. Alexis leaves with Rafe as TJ arrives and stays with Molly. She admits Rafe spent the night and he is uspet. She assures TJ he can trust her but he is not sure. He shoves her present at her and takes off. She opens the gift, a journal and a heart pendant.

Connie meets with Diane at Kelly’s about her case. Diane is certain she can get the manslaughter charge dismissed, but her other charges also carry jail time. Diane thinks they should pin it on Kate but Connie refuses to go back to Shadybrook. She wants Diane to come up with something else and she will - for more money. Connie considers Johnny’s assets and assures Diane she will get the money. Meanwhile, Shawn joins Sonny, who thinks it is time for a hostile takeover on everything the Zaccharas have. He wants Shawn to find out who else is looking for Johnny’s hidden assets. Later, Sonny asks to join Connie and they joke about how romantic it is to plan a defense in a diner on Valentine’s Day. Sonny recalls Valentine’s Day last year that Connie was already in the picture. He was so happy to be with Kate he didn’t question it. Connie hated him then and she tells him what a difference a year makes. They reminisce fondly about high school.

Kristina stumbles upon Johnny at Pentonville. She tells him about Connie in court and Johnny wonders why she would do anything to help anyone but herself. Kristina thinks she did it for Sonny. Johnny scoffs but Kristina tells him things are changing between them. She is led off to sign in and he thinks 500 hours of the next 20 years won’t be so bad.

At PCPD, John tries to convince Dante he has a double but Dante has a hard time believing him. John asks him to give him the same chance he gave Dante when Ronnie was beating strippers and people thought Dante was dirty. Dante starts to walk out with John when they run into Todd and Anna. Todd tells John that he saw him with his hand on Heather’s throat, and then he threw her in the water one-handed. This detail stands out to Anna. They ask how John’s double got away and Todd tells them he just kind of vanished. Later, Carly comes by to tell Todd that she believes him. He asks her to stay with him but she just wishes him luck and leaves. Later, John is sure Sam is in danger and pleads with Anna to search for his double.

Alexis brings a new client to Diane at lockup – Rafe. Diane is not impressed by the penniless urchin. Alexis tells her his mom was a Barrington so there should be a trust fund somewhere. Diane takes him on.

Sonny runs into Dante outside Kelly’s. He is on his way to dinner with Lulu. Sonny is bummed after thinking about old times with Connie. Inside, Alexis meets Shawn and they see TJ run by upset.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny assures Michael he did not leak the story.

Laura wishes someone a happy Valentine’s Day.

Frisco wants Maxie to give him another chance.

People gather for the party at the Haunted Star.

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