All The Winning.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Carly and Starr toast Todd, Heather snatches Danny, and Molly’s secret is revealed.

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Carly finds Starr at the Haunted Star. She had heard about Johnny’s gift and thinks it is typical of him. She also tells Starr that Todd came to say goodbye. Starr already knows about it and wonders if she wishes she had said yes. Carly admits she cares about Todd but she never really considered it. She could have forgiven everything if only Todd had come clean. Starr pours them each a drink and they toast to Todd, the walking disaster. They’ll both miss him.

Caleb stands over Professor Mosser at the University. He is nearly dead and Caleb finishes him off. He goes to let Sam in when she knocks, but disappears when he hears her about to enter with Mosser’s TA. They find the body, notice the bite marks and call Anna.

At PCPD, John wants to work with Lucy to find Rafe but she refuses to believe he isn’t Caleb. Alexis advises John that any interaction with Lucy will end badly. John really thinks Lucy could be the key to stopping his double but he doesn’t know how. Alexis then advises Lucy to help John figure out where Rafe is. Later, Anna tells John about Mosser’s murder before heading to the crime scene. John wants to talk to Lucy about Caleb’s ring. She is reluctant to share anything with him but he urges her to consider there is another guy out there framing him. If if he has all this power, why not mesmerize Anna into letting him go? Lucy chalks it up to his love of playing games with the living. He tries to convince her that the two of them locked up is exactly what Caleb planned and the people they care about are in real danger.

Heather goes to Molly’s room and asks Rafe for the baby. She tells him she is the nanny, Susan Moore, but he refuses to hand him over. She eventually threatens to call the cops on Rafe if he won’t and he relents. Meanwhile, Kristina catches Molly with a mountain of breakfast and guess she kept TJ in her room last night. Later, Alexis offers to pull strings to get Kristina into community service other than Pentonville, but Kristina thinks she can handle it. Molly returns to her room and Rafe tells her that Susan took the baby. Molly runs to tell Alexis about Heather's kidnapping. She calls the cops while Alexis calls Sam. Later, Alexis asks Molly to tell her exactly what happened. Molly admits that she wasn’t there. Rafe enters the room and Alexis is speechless.

Anna finds some scissors by Mosser’s body in his office and thinks they could have caused the marks on his neck. She can tell that he was killed in the last hour, so John couldn’t have done it. Later, Sam and Anna discuss the footage against John when Alexis calls to tell her about Heather kidnapping Danny. Anna calls all units to the pier and heads over there with Sam.

Todd meets the boat captain Quint by the pier. He is anxious to leave for St. Blaze’s Island, but the boat isn’t ready and Quint won’t leave without Heather. Todd offers to pay double but Quint won’t budge – he seems to have a thing for Heather. Todd insists and Quint backs out completely. He leaves Todd alone by the pier. Later, Heather arrives with the baby and looks for Quint. Todd is not around. Caleb shows up. He knows Danny, and wants him back with his mother. He grabs Heather by the throat and chokes her. Todd comes upon the scene and watches from the shadows as Caleb tosses Heather in the water, then spits in after her. Caleb asks Danny if he enjoyed the show but Todd intervenes when he tries to leave. Todd can’t believe John threw Heather in the water and is convinced, finally, he is seeing the real John McBain. Caleb takes a bow. Todd grabs the stroller as sirens sound in the distance. Todd turns his head for an instant and Caleb is gone. Soon, Sam and Ann run up, and Anna has her gun drawn.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

John tries to convince Sam he was saving her baby from John.

Dante tells John it is hard making people believe he is two different people.

Molly pleads with Alexis not to call the cops.

Johnny wonders why Connie would lie to help anyone but herself.

Sonny needs Shawn to do something, and it has to do with Johnny.

Confused by all the references to Port Charles? Read’s Soap History: Port Charles to get caught up on the gothic past infiltrating the current storylines.

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- Hollie Deese

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