Flames Burn Out.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Johnny gifts something big to Starr, John is shocked by the footage, and Molly is determined to help Rafe.

Flames Burn Out. image

Johnny asks Starr to come to his cell before he goes to Pentonville. He is happy for her and Michael. She admits Michael saved her, but she will always think about what her life would have been like with her first great love. Johnny hands her some papers. He wants her to do something good with it.

Luke kisses Anna by the pier while Laura watches. He thinks they belong together but wants to know if he has already lost her. Anna admits seeing Duke now reminds her of the intensity they used to share. She wants to feel that once-in-a-lifetime thing she had with Duke again if she can. She compares it to the love Luke had for Laura. He admits that was wonderful but that it's the past. Life moves forward. She breaks up with him anyway but they agree to be friends. "We’ll always have the MetroCourt," he says.

Lulu reads about Johnny’s 20-year sentence in the paper at the Haunted Star. He was a great partner and she feels bad for him. Mac buys two tickets to the Valentine’s Day party in order to dazzle Felicia. Frisco is back, and Mac worries he is the boring option. Lulu compares Frisco to a flame that burns out and Mac to a rock that is forever. Mac appreciates the reality check. Later, Laura startles Lulu. They catch up and Laura tells her she saw Lucky at at graveyard in Ireland and they had a nice long visit. Laura asks Lulu if Luke is seeing someone and Lulu tells her about Anna. Later, Starr comes by and is starstruck by Laura. Her love story with Luke is the stuff of legends. Laura heads off to the MetroCourt to unpack. Starr tells Lulu that Johnny gave her his half of the club. They are now partners!

Frisco assists Felicia at the Rib while Shawn and TJ shoot pool. TJ is brooding about Molly and Rafe. TJ thinks Rafe has Molly totally snowed, but at least he is locked up. Later, TJ gets an alert that Rafe is at large. Meanwhile, Frisco tells Felicia that Maxie won’t return his calls. She isn’t surprised and urges him to admit they were both terrible parents. Why would Maxie trust him after his pattern of leaving? Frisco has finally realized what is really important. He has loved Felicia since day one and everything he ever wanted is right here. She is having a hard time believing him but he assures her he is ready to start over with her. He thinks she is settling with Mac and everyone knows it – even Mac. Mac arrives and makes sure Frisco knows how hurt the girls had been by him over the years. Frisco suggests the three of them have dinner the next evening but Mac has plans. He produces the tickets to the party. Frisco doesn’t think one day compares to a lifetime of love. Mac thinks it is about the token of appreciation.

Molly hides Rafe in her room. She goes to make some sandwiches and urges him to be quiet. Kristina soon knocks, looking for Molly. Molly comes back and they go in together while Rafe hides under the bed. Kristina wanted Connie dead and it makes her think anyone is capable of murder. Now she has to do community service at Pentonville. Later, Kristina leaves to take a nap. Rafe doesn’t want to put a nice girl like Molly in danger but she insists he stay.

Dante watches the footage of Caleb leading Rafe out of his cell at PCPD. John arrives and Dante asks where he’s been. John was following a lead and is surprised by Dante’s persistent questioning. He swears he only went to Rafe’s cell once and never left with him. Dante shows him the footage and John is confused. He wants to get Carlson in there but Dante tells him he is dead. John can’t believe Rafe could kill a cop. Dante is pretty sure it was someone else – him. John is totally shocked, and then Dante shows him the footage of Caleb getting the weapon out of storage. "It’s a pretty clear picture," Dante says. Later, Anna arrests John.

Back at the pier, Laura waits for Luke to leave before calling someone to check in. She tells whoever it is that she saw Luke and thinks they should go ahead with their plans.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Heather and Todd are hiding out somewhere.

Patrick assures Sabrina that Carlson’s death was not her fault but she doesn’t believe him.

John tried to convince Sam that someone is a dead ringer for him.

Lucy tells Anna that Caleb will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Caleb visits someone and pretends to be John.

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- Hollie Deese

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