Faulty Logic.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

John questions Rafe, Lucy sees Caleb, and Todd asks Carly to run with him.

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Tracy invites Luke into the Q mansion. He hasn’t found out anything about the Quartermaine heir because he can’t get in touch with Carly. He knows Tracy doesn’t want Ned and Dillon finding out she was the leak and they are both surprised Connie fingered Sonny instead. Luke asks what happened to Lucy’s vote and she encourages him to read the paper every once in a while. She fills him in on Lucy’s escape from Ferncliff with Heather and Todd. He looks horrified and hopes Heather isn’t going to make a move on Anna. He calls Anna to check up on her. Later, Tracy insists Carly holds the secret to the heir. He leaves and the feds come to arrest Tracy.

Todd searches his safe at the MetroCourt but it is empty. Carly arrives, holding his passport. She also took all his money. Todd talks her into not giving him up and in exchange she demands the truth. He wants her to run away with him. He loves her, and that is not something he says unless he means it. They both have experience messing up relationships, so they know when something is real. They could start a whole new life. He warned her he was a screw up but he is someone she can trust. They almost kiss but are interrupted when Luke knocks.

As Lucy sleeps at Wyndemere, Caleb lurks. "Lucy, I’m home," he taunts when she wakes. He tells her it has been a long time, but she thought she just saw him the other night. He doesn’t care how long it’s been. He is just excited they are together at last, the vampire and the slayer. She screams at him for killing Alison and fears for Rafe. Caleb would never hurt Rafe, his son. He is in a position to open him up to a whole new experience. Lucy denies that Rafe is his and insists he is Rafe’s, but Caleb knows better. It is time he gets to know Rafe and teach him who he really is. A stolen wish brought Rafe into existence, but Caleb wants him nonetheless. And Lucy can’t stop him. Her friends may think she is crazy, but Caleb knows this is very real. Her only choice is to surrender. He starts to bite her but then she wakes up. It was just a dream.

At PCPD Anna learns John’s partial print was on the murder weapon along with Rafe’s and Alison’s. Meanwhile, TJ is shocked that Molly visited Rafe. She feels bad for Rafe and thinks he could be innocent. TJ isn’t buying it and they argue. Anna hears them yelling and TJ rats Molly out. Anna is very stern with her and insists she can’t go in the cells again. In the cells, John wants to work with Rafe to figure out who did it. He asks Rafe for any details he remembers about that night. Rafe refuses to talk after what John did to his mother. John asks how long they had been on the run. "Forever," Rafe replied. Alison thought there was someone after them named Caleb. John knows people think he is this Caleb, but he insists he isn’t. Rafe knows what he saw. When he got to the pier, Alison was terrified but John was smiling. And that is when he killed her. John insists he didn’t get to the pier until Alison was on the ground. Rafe remembers a ring that he was wearing with a crest and a bat. John leaves to follow up. Alone, Rafe hopes someone believes him. Later, Lucy breaks into PCPD and is immediately recognized by an officer. She gets his gun and pulls it on Anna when she is caught. Meanwhile, Caleb goes to Rafe’s cell. He is wearing the ring.

Kristina stands for her arraignment in court when Connie busts in. When she is questioned under oath, she swears Kristina was just practicing for the company softball team. As for the handprints around her neck, they were fighting over her son’s necklace. He just died and they both got emotional over it. Alexis simply asks charges be dropped. Instead, the judge gives Kristina community service for second degree assault. After, Sonny thanks Connie. He wants her to go all in and make it right for his other kid too. Connie admits to Michael that Sonny had nothing to do with leaking the ELQ story. She only lied to hurt Sonny.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd hides while Luke questions Carly about the heir.

Sonny guesses Tracy might be behind the ELQ leak.

Connie tells the feds to get their hands off Tracy.

Lucy tells Anna the sooner she cooperates, the sooner this whole thing will be over.

Caleb tells Rafe he came back for him.

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- Hollie Deese

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