Gone Soft.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Todd says goodbye to Starr, Caleb finds Lucy, and John is shocked by the fingerprint results.

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Heather, Todd and Lucy arrive at Wyndemere to regroup. Todd reads the paper and is livid over the pictures Connie chose to run. He finds some clothes upstairs, wishes the two luck and leaves. Lucy reads about Alison’s death and is overwrought. Caleb must have found them! Everything Lucy has predicted has come true, and she worries about Rafe’s vulnerability. Heather doesn’t think Caleb would hurt his own son, but Lucy insists his soul is in danger. He can’t ever know who his father is. Heather stops Lucy from going to PCPD before she sees Steve. They decide to rest and regroup before coming up with a plan. When Lucy falls asleep, Heather leaves. Caleb watches Lucy sleep until she wakes up with a gasp.

At home, Michael emerges from the shower, sans whipped cream, although he had a great time getting dirty with Starr. He grabs the paper and they read about Todd’s escape. He thinks Starr might want Todd to get away because she feels guilty about putting him away. She denies this. He gets ready for Kristina’s arraignment. He will see Sonny, who he still thinks is guilty of leaking the ELQ story. She will meet him after Johnny’s hearing. Later, Todd shows up to see Starr one last time. He apologizes for not telling her about Johnny, and now he is going to disappear. He made a mess and doesn’t get any more wishes. They tearfully hug and express their love for each other before Todd leaves.

John briefs the officers at PCPD on the escapees. He thinks Lucy could be coming for Rafe. Meanwhile, Alexis arrives to take Kristina to her arraignment. Molly sees accusations against Rafe in The Sun and dashes off. Sam joins John as he vents his frustration about Ferncliff. They go over the murder case and soon, John gets the print results from the murder weapon. Allison’s prints are on it, as are Rafe’s. But there is another set – John’s. He is a bit freaked out now. Lucy and Alison were both convinced he is this dangerous guy Caleb. Then Rafe is convinced he killed his mom. Sam leaves to get coffee and run into TJ, who is looking for Molly. Sam thought she was at the courthouse. John finds Sam and tells her Kevin’s car has been recovered.

From his cell, Rafe tells Johnny that John killed his mom, not him. Johnny isn’t judging – he killed his own grandfather. Rafe insists he is innocent. Johnny asks the officer to go easy on Rafe and give him his food. Later, Molly sneaks in to see Rafe. He insists he didn’t do it. He hated being dragged all over but he loved his mom. Molly doesn’t think John did it either, but Rafe swears he saw him do it. An officer gets Molly out of there. TJ finds her and questions if she was with Rafe. Later, John pays Rafe a visit and insists he didn’t kill Alison. Together, he wants to figure out who did.

Connie shows off the latest issue of The Sun for Olivia at Manning Enterprises and brags about her book. Olivia will be sure to congratulate Molly. Meanwhile, she wants to chat about Kristina. She thinks Connie is trying to get back at Sonny for being in love with Kate, not her. Putting Kristina in jail will only ruin her life and make Sonny hate Connie for the rest of hers. Connie admits she is afraid of turning back into Kate. Olivia encourages her to be courageous and let Kristina go.

At the courthouse, Sonny shares with Shawn that Connie is pressing charges to drive him away. Shawn offers to keep Connie under wraps for a bit, but Sonny refuses. Shawn accuses him of going soft. Alexis tells them things don’t look good for Kristina. Meanwhile, Kristina and Johnny chat. She knows he never meant to hurt Starr’s family, but she meant for Connie to die. Later, Michael asks Johnny if he gave the ELQ info to Sonny. Johnny would never help Sonny take anyone down. Inside, Michael sits with Sonny, who again insists he did not leak the story. The judge calls the case to order and Connie runs in yelling that Kristina is not guilty. Later, Starr arrives in time for Johnny’s hearing.

Todd goes to his safe at the MetroCourt, but it is empty.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Connie insists in court that Kristina did not try and kill her.

Tracy asks Luke to help her save her father’s legacy.

Rafe doesn’t think he owes John anything, not after what he did to his mother.

Carly is holding onto Todd’s passport.

Caleb tells Lucy it is just the two of them – the vampire and the slayer.

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- Hollie Deese

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