Good For Both Of Us

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Britt and Maxie make a deal, Patrick and Sabrina have a heart-to-heart, and Doc catches Lucy escaping Ferncliff with Heather and Todd.

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At The Floating Rib Mac kisses Felicia and steps out as Frisco enters. He explains why he’s just getting back to her after two months. Mac returns surprised to see him. Frisco offers his hand. Mac hesitates before shaking. Mac asks what he’s doing there. Frisco says he’s there to see Maxie. Mac is upset Felicia didn’t say she contacted Frisco. Mac tells Frisco that he and Felicia are back together. Frisco leaves to get cleaned up and Mac asks why Felicia didn’t tell Frisco about him. She says she is not embarrassed by Mac. She professes her love and kisses Mac. Frisco comes in ready for a drink to make a toast. Maxie joins them and is surprised to see her father.

Michael comes home to find Starr preparing a romantic evening. They share wine and Starr asks about Michael’s day at ELQ. Starr explains her encounter with Todd at Ferncliff to make sure he was found competent and would be sent to prison. They decide to enjoy the evening. Starr teases Michael with the sundae bar she planned. They get distracted with each other and disappear to the bedroom. They leave the bedroom to find more whip cream.

At the hospital Maxie agrees to do whatever Britt wants to keep her secret. Britt asks her to destroy Sabrina. Maxie questions why. Britt explains that Sabrina is filling Emma’s head with lies about her to get to Patrick. Maxie tries to get out of helping as Britt explains how pathetic Sabrina is. Britt calls Lulu and tells her she has information about the baby. Maxie interrupts and Britt ends the phone call. Britt says she’ll be in touch with Maxie and threatens her not to tell anyone.

At the apartment Lulu and Dante decide where to get food. Lulu explains about her day and the appointment with Dr. Westbourne. She receives Britt’s call and thanks her for the information. Dante discusses the recent murder and then they get romantic, retiring to bed.

In the hospital showers, Olivia hears Steve singing and walks in to see him showering with Sabrina. Olivia asks what he is doing with her and rushes off leaving Steve confused.

At the nurses’ station Patrick interrupts Elizabeth and Sabrina’s discussion. Liz says Sabrina has something to tell Patrick. Olivia shows up and tells Sabrina to stay away from her fiancé. Olivia argues her visions come true. Olivia is mad and asks what they know when they smirk at her. Steve confesses Sabrina has a crush on him. Olivia gets upset. Patrick tries to calm everyone down. Sabrina says she is not interested in Steve. Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for what happened with Britt. He says he will not be having anymore relationships at work and thanks her for being there for Emma. He leaves and Liz says that must have been hard for Sabrina to hear but Sabrina understands him. Patrick bumps into Britt at the elevators. She apologizes and claims she will not make it difficult for them to work together. He leaves. Britt turns to the nurses’ station and plots revenge on Sabrina.

At Ferncliff, Heather, Todd and Lucy argue about if it is safe to break out with cops around. Heather drags them out and Doc shows up. He wants to meet Lucy’s friends and find out where they are going. Heather and Todd make excuses about being deputized and on strike. Doc explains they can’t walk out with patients. Heather and Todd act surprised that Lucy is a patient. Lucy gets mad and gives them all up to Doc. Doc becomes a problem as he negotiates successfully with Lucy. Heather hits Doc over the head with a flower pot and high fives Todd. Lucy argues with them that they can’t leave without Doc. She bribes them with Doc’s car keys. Todd takes the keys and leaves with Heather. Lucy says bye to Doc who is still unconscious. She tells him she loves him but has to go take care of Caleb.

Back in the doctors’ locker room Steve and Olivia discuss what happened. Steve finishes up dressing and Olivia sees Heather coming out of the showers. She tells Steve and asks if she is really locked away safe at Ferncliff.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Starr is surprised to see Todd at her door.

Heather gets rough with Lucy.

Sam questions why Rafe accused John.

Molly visits Rafe in lockup.

Sean talks to Sonny. "Connie is the only witness, do you want me to make her disappear."

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- Violette DeSantis

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