It’s About Time.

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Patrick ends it with Britt, Ellie goes home, and Liz helps AJ calm down.

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John finds Rafe kneeling over Alison’s body at the pier, holding the bloody arrow. John questions Rafe as he goes though his bag. He finds a picture of Alison and Rafe together and realizes they are mother and son. They bag up Alison as Anna arrives. John hands over the murder weapon and tells her Rafe has not said a word.

At Kelly’s Molly is thinking about Rafe when TJ arrives. She tells him about feeding the boy she met by the pier and the more they talk, the more jealous TJ gets. Outside, Michael runs into Starr. He tells her what happened to ELQ and that Sonny is the one who gave the evidence to the paper. Sonny denied the whole thing but Connie told Michael what really happened. Starr chuckles at the idea of Connie telling the truth. They go inside and Starr thinks he should consider the idea that Connie is lying.

Liz finds AJ on the floor at ELQ. He thinks he is having a heart attack. She tries to calm him down and get him to shut up long enough to tell him it is just a panic attack. She saw the article about ELQ and understands what it means to him, but nothing is more important than his health. She also knows how it feels to be disappointed in yourself. He admits his recovery is what gave him the confidence to come back. He should have known Sonny would never let him have a relationship with Michael. He asks why she came by and she tells him about the bank stopping payment on the nurse’s ball check. He can’t help but hopes she won’t give up on it. Michael returns and AJ and him get to work.

Maxie tries to convince Lulu she can miss the baby appointment when Spin wheels Ellie into the apartment. Maxie is glad Ellie is going to be fine, but Ellie doubts it. Ellie has issue with Maxie sleeping with Spin and wants to have it out. She accuses Maxie of messing with her car that night, but she denies it. Maxie is sorry about everything that happened that night, but isn’t sorry that she now has closure from Spin. Ellie understands. Later, Spin and Ellie sip tea and are glad to move on with their lives. She doesn’t ever want to talk about that night again.

Britt lays into Sabrina at the nurse’s station and Patrick overhears everything. Emma is his life and whatever they had is over. Britt is shocked that he is dumping her and refuses to let it go. He insists this is the best thing for him and Emma. She pushes Sabrina and accuses her meddling of causing this breakup. Patrick jumps in, but Britt refuses to back off. She demeans Sabrina and tells Patrick that Sabrina set it all up so she can have him all to herself. She stomps off and Patrick asks Sabrina what Britt meant by that. Later, Maxie and Lulu show up for Maxie’s appointment and find Britt having a tantrum. They offer to come back but she thinks this is the perfect time for Lulu to learn something about her baby.

At Ferncliff, Sam tells Lucy that she saw Alison at the police station but she ran when she saw John. Lucy tries to get Sam to remember Rafe and Alison. Rafe was Lucy’s cousin, and he had a son with Alison. But the baby, who would be a teen now, was not Rafe’s child. Caleb was his father. Rafe was determined to protect them, so he left to find Caleb. But they just vanished and in her heart Lucy knew Caleb was the one who survived or Rafe would be here. Lucy insists that Alison and her son are in grave danger. Later, Lucy prays for Rafe to come and help them all.

At PCPD, John tells Anna about Alison coming by the station and recognizing him as Caleb. Anna brings Rafe a donut and tries to get him to open up about his mom. She takes off his cuffs as she questions him, but he still doesn’t say a word. She asks if he killed his mom and he finally tells her no - John did. Meanwhile, Sam returns and tells John about her meeting with Lucy.

TJ and Molly walk by the pier and stumble across the crime scene. The cop tells them some kid killed his mother.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd looks between Heather and Lucy and welcomes himself to hell.

Lulu is very upset with Britt.

TJ is upset that the person Molly had lunch with killed his mom.

John tells Sam that Alison was murdered on Pier 52.

Anna is surprised that Rafe thinks John killed his mom.

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