Aren't You Kate Howard?

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Lucy turns the tables on A.J. and Tracy, Connie tries to deal with Johnny, Trey talks to Connie before leaving, and Patrick makes plans with Britt.

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At the gym Kristina and Trey argue with Sonny who doesn’t want to lose Kristina to Trey. Michael and Alexis defend Trey and support Kristina. Kristina says he won’t lose her but gives him an ultimatum. They have a heart to heart and Kristina apologizes. Sonny asks Alexis if she is free on a certain date for them to go visit Kristina and Trey. Kristina is happy and they hug. Michael calls Starr but she doesn’t answer. Trey discusses Kate with Sonny and wonders if he should talk to her before he leaves. Alexis and Sonny reflect on the year after everyone leaves.

Starr is struggling with Connie at The Haunted Starr and asks a gagged Johnny if this has something to do with what he was going to tell her. Connie asks Johnny if they should tell her the truth. Connie makes up something about them liking it rough and having a fight. Since they made up they are having some fun. She tells Starr to beat it. Starr leaves the office and starts to make a phone call. Connie yanks her back into the office and Starr hits her head while falling. She is knocked out on the floor by Johnny. Johnny wants Connie to help her. Connie hears Starr’s phone ringing and sees Michael is calling her.

In a parking garage Tracy drops Lucy’s bags and A.J. shows up admitting to following them. Lucy confesses Tracy is paying for a shopping spree. A.J. admits he can’t afford to buy her vote and appeals to her business sense. Lucy says she has to weigh the responsibility of this decision. A.J. claims with him at the helm of ELQ he can help CoeCoe Cosmetics. Tracy reminds Lucy about A.J. shooting Alan. Lucy agrees it is complicated and rushes off for a meeting. She bumps into Connie struggling with a large heavy container. She asks if she is Kate Howard. Connie denies it. Connie continues on referring to the container as Johnny. She bumps into Tracy and A.J.

At the hospital Patrick asks Sabrina if she has plans for New Year’s Eve. She envisions a date as Patrick explains he needs a babysitter. Britt shows up happy Sabrina is available. Patrick is surprised Sabrina doesn’t have plans but she says it is an opportunity to work on the nurses’ ball. Britt puts a negative spin on the conversation about Lucy Coe’s inability to fund the project. Sabrina confesses Lucy was upfront about being under investigation but defended her as a smart businesswoman. Britt continues being condescending to Sabrina and smug that Lucy hasn’t appeared for a meeting. At the moment Sabrina’s shift ends Lucy appears and says ELQ is underwriting the nurses’ ball as A.J. and Tracy appear surprised.

Todd Manning unhappily leaves Connie a voicemail and walks in to find Sam breaking into his safe at ME. Carly shows up with security and asks what Sam wants to steal. Sam claims she’s looking for Molly’s stolen manuscript. Carly interrogates Todd about Connie’s involvement and gives him a hard time about wanting to send Sam to jail after just getting her baby back. Sam argues with Carly about the real Todd Manning and Carly argues he is innocent. Sam makes Todd uncomfortable after Carly says she believes him because he swore on his daughter’s life about switching the babies. She tells Carly not to let Todd make a fool of her, "Jason wouldn’t want that." Sam leaves and Carly explains to Todd he is a friend. Todd asks her out and she accepts.

Michael shows up at The Haunted Starr and finds Starr knocked out. She wakes up and tells him Connie has Johnny.

Connie closes the trunk of her car in the parking garage with Johnny moaning inside as Trey and Kristina show up and startle her. Trey wants five minutes to talk. Kristina hears a noise coming from the trunk.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kristina wants to know what’s in the trunk.

Maxie asks Ellie about her big night with Spinelli.

Spinelli hopes Ellie will show up.

Todd wonders why they are at Carly’s ex-boyfriend’s club for New Year’s Eve.

Patrick kisses Sabrina.

Lulu asks Olivia if she sees a dog.

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- Violette DeSantis

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