Over My Dead Body

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Michael catches up with Sonny, Ellie and Spinelli make a deal, Dante and Lulu make amends, and Sonny weighs in on Kristina’s decision.

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At the apartment Michael and Starr wake up together. They discuss holiday plans and she remembers Johnny wanted to tell her something. She tells Michael that Johnny was distraught but not about what. Michael says he has to see his father, and replies he hasn’t talked to either since before Christmas. He thinks each probably thinks he spent the holiday with the other.

On the hospital roof Spinelli sees Ellie smoking. She’s upset about breaking up. Spinelli says he was dumped. Ellie argues about being stranded at Sonny’s and the Giambetti brothers ogling her and talking about ghosts. Spinelli says she shouldn’t worry about Maxie. Ellie asks if it was okay to spoil her evening and wonders why Spinelli left the party to be with Maxie. Spinelli begs her for another chance and a New Year’s to make it up. She tells him they both have to be sure. Spinelli suggests they meet on the hospital roof at midnight if they both decide to continue as a couple. They seal the deal with a handshake and Ellie leaves.

Dante and Lulu visit Maxie at her apartment with a gift. They are excited about the baby. She receives a book showing the stages of pregnancy. Lulu brings a glass of milk before they interrogate her about going to the hospital on Christmas Eve. Maxie explains what happened and mentions she felt bad. Lulu is confused that she called Spinelli instead of them. Lulu argues and questions what she was doing. Dante makes peace and Lulu apologizes. Maxie asks if she is sorry she asked her to do this. Dante and Lulu try to make her feel like they are still happy about Maxie being their surrogate. They get excited and joke about baby names.

At the diner Kristina and Trey discuss L.A. Alexis walks in and wants to know what news Kristina needs to break to her parents. Kristina shares Trey’s news and Alexis is happy for him, until they share that Kristina is going. They ask for Alexis’ support and Kristina says it’s a decision she has to make on her own. Alexis agrees and tells Kristina to tell her father but reminds her that Sonny is in a fragile state. Alexis sends them to the gym since it should be too distracting with the photo shoot for Sonny to yell.

Connie calls Sonny from The Haunted Star about the photo shoot as Johnny struggles tied up in a chair. She puts on make-up and teases Johnny with her talk about her and Sonny. She takes off his gag and he yells for help. She tells him there’s no help and he can’t send her back to the loony bin. She says she didn’t kill him because she has a conscience. He bites her and she says she won’t take advantage of him because that’s rape and she’s been there. Johnny tries to make a deal. She puts his gag back on and leaves. Starr catches her locking Johnny’s office and asks where he is. Connie says he’s away and they argue until Starr hears something fall. They bicker and Starr won’t leave. They struggle when Starr tries to push past to the door. When the door opens Starr is shocked.

At the gym Shawn gets Sonny ready for the photo shoot. Sonny shares he is not giving up on Kate. They spar and discuss Michael. Sonny speculates he went to the Quartermaine’s for Christmas when Michael walks in and tells him he is wrong. He tells Sonny that A.J. told him what happened. Sonny says he will hurt Michael, but Michael says he will give A.J. a chance. Sonny wishes Michael a Happy New Year since he didn’t get to wish him a Merry Christmas. Kristina, Trey and Alexis show up and share the news about the move to L.A. Michael questions what they are doing and then says he’s happy if she’s happy. Sonny is quiet. Kristina asks him to say something. He says, "Over my dead body."

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kristina responds to Sonny.

Carly asks Sam what she is trying to steal from Todd.

Patrick asks Sabrina about her New Year’s Eve plans.

A.J. sweet talks Lucy Coe.

Connie tries to deal with Starr.

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