Anything Is Possible.

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Robert and Anna find loved ones in Switzerland, Patrick has visions of Robin, and Dante, Lulu and Maxie move forward with the baby making.

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Sabrina and Felix go to CoeCoe headquarters in New York to meet Lucy. Sabrina is nervous and gets even more so when Felix admits that he embellished his relationship with Lucy. In fact, he has never met her. He pumps her up anyway until Bree Flanders, senior VP of marketing, stops them from entering. Felix backs down but Sabrina won’t be stopped. Bree admires their dedication and directs them to their department dedicated to charitable giving. Sabrina demands to talk to Lucy, the original force behind the ball. They explain the ball’s history and Lucy’s role in it. Bree can relate. She was once a hooker and safe sex was very important to her madam Renee. Bree knocks on Lucy’s door and introduces Sabrina and Felix.

Patrick goes home and sees Robin by the fireplace. He snaps out of it when Mac enters with Emma. She runs off and Mac is worried about Patrick. He admits he saw Robin. Patrick is nervous about what could be wrong with him since he has not taken any drugs. The thing Mac has learned about loss is that once you think you have a handle on it, it blindsides you all over again. This is his first Christmas without Robin, so he has to cut himself some slack. Emma returns and asks Mac to stay but he has to visit Maxie. She is giving an amazing gift to someone and they all hope it works. Later, Emma and Patrick decorate the tree. Emma wants to hang Robin’s stocking in case Santa forgets she is in heaven. Later, Patrick finds a gift in his stocking from Robin.

Ellie makes out with a Santa-clad Spinelli under some mistletoe at the hospital. He heads off to pediatrics while she goes to tend to Dante’s sperm. Maxie and Olivia have been waiting outside the room where Dante and Lulu made the sperm donation and they are obviously flustered when they emerge. Maxie has something to say but is interrupted. Ellie gets the sample and tells Lulu she can head to pre-op for the egg extraction. Everyone is ecstatic and Maxie does not voice her concerns. Lulu and Dante leave and Olivia visits Ellie in the lab. She voices her concerns about a mix-up. Ellie assures her there will be no problems. Olivia turns and shrieks when she sees Spin holding a wolf-like pup. She freaks out about the vision, but the dog is actually real. Meanwhile, Maxie and Dante wait together while Lulu has her procedure. He thanks her again for making their dreams come true. Lulu is wheeled out and can feel it in her heart the in vitro is going to work. Later, a nurse brings the eggs to Ellie and she takes them in the lab. Olivia grabs the dog from Spin and refuses to return him until the eggs are fertilized. Mac finds Maxie and she tells him she is doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante watch Ellie from outside the lab.

Anna pushes past Obrecht at the clinic to see Duke tied up on a gurney. Robert leaves to find Obrecht while Duke and Anna talk about what happened. She commends him on the messages he sent through the mislead memories. He thought she would have figured it out sooner when Faison was angered by false memories a few weeks ago. Anna wonders if it was Robin. She breaks the news that Robin is dead. They were told her body burned in an explosion, so they buried her without seeing her. Heather sent her to this very clinic to find Robin. Anna thought it was a mind game but the fact it led her to Faison’s base is no coincidence. If Robin is alive, Duke assures her they will find him together.

Obrecht enters Robin’s room and prepares a syringe while Robin begs for her life. She screams out and Robert runs through the halls at the sound. Obrecht restrains Robin but Robert throws open the doors before she injects her. He pulls Obrecht off Robin and she lunges at them with the needle. She stabs Robert in the chest and he drops to the ground. Obrecht tells Robin it is too late. Later, Anna and Duke throw open the door with a gasp.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie is worried she's doing this for the wrong reason.

Lucy tells Sabrina and Felix to consider the ball paid for.

Liz thinks Sabrina would be better for Patrick than Britt

Patrick watches a video of Robin who is about to tell him something important.

Anna finds Robert.

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