How Could I Be So Stupid?

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Robin remembers her family, Mac gives Maxie advice on moving forward with her decision, Felix tries to help Sabrina, and Robert and Anna try to find the real Duke Lavery.

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Robert comes into Anna’s hotel room with coffee and Anna wonders aloud how she could be so stupid. She doesn’t understand how she fell for it with all her training and beats herself up about how she wouldn’t listen to Robert. Robert tells her she was played by one of the best and that Robin was a factor. Robert reminds Anna of her grief and her journey that brought her to this place. Anna briefs Robert on what happened in the room to figure out who the man she saw as Duke Lavery is. She figures it might be Lavery himself and he could still be alive. Faison knew so much about Anna and Duke’s relationship and she believes she recognized Duke’s eyes.

Maxie and Mac Scorpio are at the diner eating and discussing Maxie’s health. Olivia rushes in all excited about having a grandbaby and asks who else is excited. A vision of a dog appears and says he’s excited too. Olivia has to explain her reaction and Maxie wonders if she will be pregnant with a talking dog. Olivia leaves and Maxie reminds Mac that Olivia’s premonitions have come true. Max tells her to stop and loudly exclaims that she is not going to get pregnant with a dog. [Local news coverage interrupted "GH" briefly before commercial break.] Max says he’s worried about her and she says she is worried she will screw the surrogacy up. Max says she has to be true to herself and decide if she is still going to do this for Dante and Lulu.

LuLu and Dante are excited at the hospital about having a baby and nurse Felix says they’ll need a sperm sample first. Lulu asks Dante to think about her as she leaves him with the plastic cup. Moments later Olivia runs in on a half-dressed Dante. She says she's seen him like this before and he exclaims "Not like this!" She confesses she will be with him every step of the way and rushes off. She sees Lulu in the waiting area as she runs off to the cafeteria and tells her she’s seen Dante and he is doing just great. Meanwhile Dante is having a hard time alone and texts Lulu in the waiting area to join him back in the room. She listens to his concerns and they begin to kiss. Olivia waits back in the waiting room as Maxie shows up looking for Dante and Lulu.

Patrick compliments Sabrina on her holiday spirit. She's dressed in an elf hat at the nurses’ station. They discuss the progress of the nurses’ ball. Dr. Westbourne joins them and is surprised to hear that there is going to be a nurses’ ball. Dr. Westbourne is interrupted by Lulu to discuss her procedure and Sabrina calls Felix over for an update on Lucy Coe. Felix hesitates and tells them there is mistletoe above them. Dr. Westbourne rushes over and kisses Patrick in front of Felix and Sabrina. She asks if the nurses are going to NY and Felix suggests that Patrick is coming with them. Patrick has plans with Emma and Felix can’t talk him into a trip with Emma to NY. Dr. Westbourne tries to invite herself over to decorate and Patrick remembers Robin at their last Christmas together. He says maybe he’ll text her later. Closer to the nurses’ station Felix explains to Sabrina how he was trying to get her hooked up with Patrick.

Patrick comes home to see a vision of Robin in their home.

Robin, in Lucerne Switzerland, is handcuffed to her hospital bed missing Patrick and Emma knowing it’s almost Christmas. She doesn’t know how much more she can take. Dr. Obrecht comes in and Robin questions what is wrong and the doctor confesses that Faison was captured. Robin is sure Anna figured it out but Obrecht yells that she doesn’t care about Robin’s parents. Robin tells her it is time to cut her losses and help Robin. Obrecht decides she has faith in Faison and Robin argues with her until she decides she has no choice but to eliminate Robin. Obrecht does not believe that Anna or Robert will be lenient to the person keeping their daughter prisoner. Obrecht almost gives away who else is being held in the hospital as she leaves the room. When she heads back to Robin’s room with a syringe planning to kill Robin and Duke she is stopped by Anna and Robert in the hallway. They struggle and Anna wants info on Duke Lavery and recognizes someone when she flings opens the door they are near.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie is talking to Dante in the hospital, "Everything will be fine I promise."

Olivia sees Spinelli holding a dog.

Mac wonders what's bother Patrick.

Bree Flanders questions someone outside of an office.

Anna and Robert fall into a room and are surprised by who they see.

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- Violette DeSantis

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