Love In Maine.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Maxie won’t give up on Spin, Olivia has another vision, and Anna agrees to leave with Fake Duke.

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TJ and Molly ask Todd for her manuscript back at Manning Enterprises. Todd doesn’t have it, but Connie – who just walked in - might. It is in her purse, but she tells Molly she has never heard of it. Molly begs Connie – it is her only copy. Connie is happy to hear that. TJ starts looking around the office but Connie stops them. They’ll never find anything in here. Molly volunteers herself and TJ to intern at Crimson. She reluctantly agrees, but tomorrow, and shoves them out. Alone, she crosses out Molly’s name on the manuscript and puts her own. Now, for that horrible title.

At his place, Johnny tells Starr what Connie has on him is really bad. She guesses he murdered Anthony. It makes no sense why he would do it – unless it was as revenge for Cole and Hope’s death! He must be going through hell because of her. On her way out she sees her CD and comments they made a good team. He agrees.

At Kelly’s Spin asks Maxie about her doctor’s appointment. She snaps at him, but he rubs her back and tells her he will always care as Ellie comes in. She is not there to talk about their relationship. She knows Maxie had her first shot and it can make people irritable. Todd arrives and pulls Spin away from them. He wants to hire them to find Molly’s manuscript. Spin refuses because of what he did to Sam and Jason. Todd wonders why people keep harping on that. Meanwhile, Ellie hopes Maxie can count on her too. This doesn’t have to be a competition. Maxie disagrees. She and Spin are for a lifetime and will get back together. Later, Molly and TJ arrive and talk about their plan to find the manuscript. Todd runs into Starr outside. She tells him she saw Johnny and kind of feels bad for him. "This day sucks," he says as has he stomps off. Starr joins TJ and Molly inside and agrees Connie must have it.

Todd visits Johnny at home and suggests he stay away from star. Johnny realizes he is swimming in leverage because if he tells Starr she will know Todd knew all along and covered it up. Johnny is not sure she won’t figure it out on her own.

Olivia has a vision of Lulu hauling a husky around in her baby carrier when she visits her at work. Lulu can’t stop crying. She is emotional from her shot and Olivia calms her down. Anna arrives and asks Olivia about the sketch of Faison. Olivia assure hers he was shocked when Liz and Robert recognized him, hand to God. Lulu overhears Anna tell Olivia that she had Robert arrested. She starts crying again and Anna assures them that Duke is who he says he is. Faison nearly destroyed her life and if she thought Robert was right she wouldn’t go skiing with him.

Dante and John chat about their new partnership at PCPD when Robert is brought in. Dante introduces John to Robert. They bond over FBI – Robert is bit of legend. Robert brings up his suspicions about Faison and John is very skeptical. Robert tells him Faison is obsessed with Anna, and she has been blindsided by grief. When she snaps out of it, Faison is going to turn on her. Lulu arrives, still upset about the dog vision, and tells them Anna is leaving for a ski trip with Fake Duke.

In Faison’s room, Anna looks at the sketch of Faison. Fake Duke asks if she regrets having Robert arrested. Perhaps a trip to the mountains would help take her mind of things. He produces ski lift tickets and she decides going away with him is exactly what she needs. Later, Dr. Obrecht meets with Fake Duke and he fills her in. He realizes he didn’t even need Robin to win Anna over. He has come too far to stop now. Anna has to see for herself that Faison and Duke are two separate people. Obrecht leaves to get everything set up. Alone, he rips up the ski passes.

Fake Duke walks into Olivia’s work as she looks at the sketch of Faison. He comments on the quality of the work. When Anna arrives he tells her their plans have changed and they are going to Switzerland instead.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Starr passionately tells Michael, "This is what I want." They kiss.

Todd tells Carly, "I have a hard time believing there is anyone in this world who wouldn't forgive you."

Sabrina tries to hide her eyes from a shirtless Patrick. "You are kind of half naked right now," she says. He replies, "You are kind of halfway in front of my locker."

From behind bars Robert tells Dante, "Your boss is holding hands with a card-carrying psycho."

Anna asks Duke, "What if Faison’s alive?"

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- Hollie Deese

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