Nurses Have Balls?

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

John gets a job, Robert gets caught, and Sam gets courted by AJ and Tracy.

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Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and tries to stop her from going to the hospital. She is concerned about her heart transplant but is also worried that Maxie will not be able to walk away from a baby she carries for nine months. She knows this is a big deal but it feels right. She realizes she is late meeting Lulu and Felicia offers to drive her. She is worried but she will stand by her.

Tracy offers up a teddy bear and snacks to Sam when she arrives at the Q mansion with Danny. Sam wonders what she really wants. AJ pokes his head in and tells her it is her 18 percent of ELQ. Sam asks about Jason’s previous shares and Tracy tells her only the shares from direct heirs have a say on the board. AJ and Tracy bicker while Sam realizes her vote could swing it either way. AJ thinks it would be great payback but Tracy reminds Sam that anyone who has every trusted AJ has learned to regret it. Tracy leaves and Sam tells AJ she doesn’t want anything to do with ELQ. He asks her to stay for lunch and she agrees.

Robert visits Dante at home. He needs help getting proof that Fake Duke is really Faison. He is running out of options. Dante has to leave to meet Lulu at the hospital but will help within reason when he returns. Dante leaves and Robert does too.

Dr. Obrecht arrives at Fake Duke’s and assures him Robert did not find out his true identity from her. He hands her a gun and instructs her to kill Robert. He leaves and Robert breaks in. Obrecht grabs the gun and hides out on the balcony. She is able to escape undetected while Robert looks around.

At the hospital Patrick asks Sabrina if she is ready for their date. She gets flustered and asks Felix, a new nurse, how she looks. He offers to give her a full on makeover. He happens to have some lipstick on hand and fixes her up. Meanwhile, Lulu waits for Maxie and Dante by the elevators. Patrick joins her and they discuss how Maxie is a great surrogate choice. Britt joins Lulu. Soon Dante, then Maxie join them too and they go into a room. Patrick meets back up with Sabrina, who now has lipstick on her teeth. In the exam room Britt goes over the demanding details of what they are going to do. Maxie, Lulu and Dante are all still sure they want to move forward.

Patrick and Sabrina discuss their options for financial backers at lunch. Sabrina has made a list of rich people she read about in town and she wants to ask them to donate. They cross Tracy off right off the bat. Carly is out because the money is really Jax’s. Sonny is a gangster, so he is out. Same with Johnny. Todd is the last name on her list. She still thinks Sonny would be a good choice because she saw pictures of him with Robin. Patrick is firm and tears up thinking about Robin. He apologizes and Sabrina tells him loving Robin is nothing to be sorry about.

John meets Anna at the Metro Court and asks her for a job. He needs a stable income. Delores has recently left so Dante needs a partner. She welcomes him aboard. She wants him to find out who Scully was working for. Fake Duke arrives and wants an answer about their trip away. Suddenly Dr. Albrecht calls Fake Duke and tells him Robert is in the apartment. He tells Anna that someone has broken in and they leave together to check it out.

Back at the Q mansion, AJ tells Sam he really wants to get things right this time. She believes him. Meanwhile, John arrives and questions Tracy about Joe Jr. Sam and Danny come out and Tracy pulls AJ back in the room. She knows that he was working Sam for that 18 percent. He tells her he will be in jail with nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Sam apologizes to John for yelling at him. He accepts her apology and tells her he has a new job with the PCPD. He is going to find out who shot Jason.

Anna kicks open Fake Duke’s door and Robert is standing there. She is livid but he can’t believe she can’t see this is not Duke Lavery. This is Faison! Anna looks shocked.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Johnny tells Connie, "If you were to up and disappear it would be the best day of my life."

Robert assures Anna, "I can prove that this man is Faison."

Starr asks Todd, "Do you honestly think you are going to get mom back?"

Sonny confides in Carly, "This thing with Sonny and AJ? I think I just made it worse."

AJ asks Diane, "Well, let’s hear it. Am I heading to prison?"

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- Hollie Deese

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