Die From Embarrassment.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Sabrina makes progress on the Nurse’s Ball, Shawn and Alexis get intimate, and Maxie tells Mac about the baby.

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At the hospital Sabrina worries that Patrick told Steve that she is crushing on him. Patrick is really filling him in on the Nurse’s Ball. Britt overhears and when they all go into a conference room to discuss the ball she follows. Inside she suggests pairing up. Britt wants Sabrina and Steve together so she can play cupid. Steve has a girlfriend and Britt acts like she didn’t know Sabrina was the only one with feelings. Sabrina is mortified and runs off. Liz follows to comfort her. Sabrina returns and assures them she can be totally professional despite her feelings for Steve. Liz works it so Sabrina and Patrick work together. Liz assigns Britt publicity while Patrick and Sabrina agree to meet for breakfast.

Outside Kelly’s, Sonny tells Shawn he may need something else down the road. Alexis interrupts – she hopes Shawn is not working for Sonny. Sonny assures her she heard wrong and quickly takes off. Alone, Shawn evades her questions then finally admits he is carrying Sonny’s coffee exclusively. She is not buying it and thinks she deserves an honest answer. He finally admits he kidnapped Connie. They go inside to his room and he admits he told Sonny he would do more work for him. Running Kelly’s is not who he is. She has feelings for him and does not want to see him get hurt. He promises not to take any risks and they kiss. It gets hot and heavy quick and they rip their clothes off and hit the bed. Afterward, she agrees not to fight him anymore and they go a second round.

Mac and Anna sit down for lunch at Kelly’s as they discuss Robert. She ignores a call from Fake Duke as she expresses her concern that he seems different. Mac pushes to find out how he is different when Maxie comes in bursting with her baby news. Mac assumes Spin is the father, but she explains about the surrogacy and Mac is not happy. She accuses him of always trusting Robin over him. He denies it but Anna backs her up. She thinks Maxie is making a beautiful choice. Mac gives Anna the evil eye and she takes off. Mac is worried she will miss out on falling in love and having her own child but gives her his blessing. He wants her to promise she follows all the doctor’s orders and they agree to tell Felicia together. She thanks him for believing in her.

At the Haunted Star Olivia and Robert order a drink from Duke. Dante and Lulu arrive and grab Olivia from the bar. Sonny shows up and introduces himself to Duke. Duke hopes they find the person who shot Jason soon. Later, Robert questions Duke about his interest in the case. Duke just wants to move toward a future with Anna. Robert leaves Duke at the bar and soon Anna arrives. He has a confession about who he really is. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante tell Sonny and Olivia they are going through with the surrogacy – with Maxie. Sonny and Olivia are more than shocked. Olivia has another vision where Lulu is holding a stuffed puppy. She is rattled but tells them how happy she is. Sonny gives them a check. He hopes to be a better grandfather than a father. Later Lulu is concerned about Olivia’s reaction.

Carly, Skye, and Todd arrive at Tea’s house in Llanview. Blair warns them right away no one is going to stop her wedding. Skye and Carly tell her Tomas is really Lorenzo Alcazar, an international arms dealer. Blair calls Tomas and asks him to come by. Skye grabs the phone and screams but he hangs up. Blair and Skye fight about dating each other’s castoffs and soon they are fighting on the couch. Todd is enjoying the fight but Tea breaks it up and sends Blair upstairs and Carly and Sky to another room. Alone with Todd Tea admits how much she misses her son. Blair comes back and tells them Tomas will be there in 10 minutes. Todd can tell Blair is nervous as the bell rings.

Robert goes to Wyndemere and Helena comes out at his call.

Olivia goes to the hospital to see Steve and thinks he is Patrick.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

"Who are you and what do you want," Todd asks someone at Tea’s door.

Dante tells Lulu, "I don’t think it is possible for me to be any happier."

Ellie tells Maxie, "I am asking you to talk about the ultimatum you gave Damian."

Anna tells Duke, "We are not going to be able to have the relationship that you want. At all."

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- Hollie Deese

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