Big Fat Liar Pants.

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Todd is overjoyed at Carly and Skye’s news, Tea and Blair bond, and Ellie forgives Spin.

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At the Haunted Star, Dante and Lulu tell Maxie they want her to carry their baby. The other candidates didn't work out. Maxie thinks they are only asking her as a last resort. Lulu assures her that is not the case. Maxie is sweet and kind and genuine. She is one of the strongest people Lulu knows and they would be so grateful. Dante knows she will take great care of their baby and they will take care of her. She agrees and hugs Lulu. Dante tries to get in on it but Maxie pushes him off. Later, they toast over champagne and give Maxie some of the harsh details. They assure her she can back out, but she is honored to be a part of their love. She can handle it.

At home, Ellie realizes Spin is still in love with Maxie. Spin makes sure she knows that he chose Ellie, not Maxie. She asks to be taken out of the equation – would he be with Maxie if they had not met? He waited a long time for Maxie to love him but he made himself move on. Meeting Ellie was a gift, something to help him start his life anew. Spin feels like himself with her, no apologies. She is touched and forgives him. After they get intimate on the couch she tells him she wants to move into his office with him. Spin assures her that Maxie will have forgotten about him in a few weeks.

At Kelly’s Molly tells TJ about her novel and her meeting with Todd. He was intimidating, but he seemed to feel bad for accidentally giving Danny to that lady in Llanview. TJ wonders if he is the last to read it, but she assures him no one but Starr and Todd have. She wants to make sure no one else knows the book exists.

Sonny seems to be getting through to Kate in the warehouse when Michael comes in and ruins the moment. Connie screams out that Sonny snatched her and tied her up and asks Michael to call the cops. Michael considers it and tells Sonny that AJ warned him about this. Sonny thought AJ would fill his head with garbage. If Michael thinks AJ is right, go ahead and call the cops. Michael won’t but demands Sonny let her go. Sonny unties her and warns her she will be sorry if she calls the cops. Her reputation is worse than his and no one will take her word for it. She leaves. Sonny is upset but Michael tells him he has no one to blame but himself.

Carly tells Todd in his office that Blair is not marrying Tomas. Skye saunters in and declares he is really the father of her child. Todd vaguely recognizes Skye and she reminds him that he framed her for murder once. Tomas is really Lorenzo Alcazar, an international arms dealer. Todd is over the moon excited. As he tells them about what Tomas did to him he gets more excited. He can’t wait to tell Blair. He has his jet fired up for a trip to Llanview. Skye demands to go with and so does Carly. Todd is down – he can’t wait to see Tomas’ face when he sees these two. After they are gone Connie comes in with lunch and when she notices Scarface is gone she sits at his desk. She sees Molly’s book and begins reading. Teen emo angst is just what the doctor ordered.

At Tea’s house in Llanview, she gifts Blair with a homemade sentimental gift for her wedding to Tomas. She thanks Blair for saving her life after Todd destroyed it. He does the most damage when he is trying to do something good. Blair disagree and they both wish he would just admit what he did. Tomas is running late to meet Blair. Every time he walks out the door Blair is worried he won’t come back. Thank goodness all that CIA business is behind him. The last time she was in Port Charles Todd proposed and it stirred up old feelings. But she shut them down by thinking about Tomas. He is honest, and that is what she wants. She opens the door to leave and Carly, Skye and Todd are standing there. "We are here to stop the wedding," Todd says.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Alexis asks Shawn, who is with Sonny, "You’re not working for him, are you?"

Carly says, "Blair, the man you are planning on marrying is not Tomas Delgado."

Sabrina looks stunned as Patrick says, "Steve and I were just talking about you." Steve adds, "Patrick told me everything."

Robert asks Duke at the bar, "Are you open for business?"

Maxie tells Mac, "I am having a baby!"

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- Hollie Deese

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